Could an Abu Dhabi startup defeat the world’s online business status-quo?

Could an Abu Dhabi startup defeat the world’s online business status-quo?

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On 21-03-2017

Could an Abu Dhabi startup defeat the world’s online business status-quo?

Oryx Cloud, a cloud distribution startup and home of, based out of Abu Dhabi is changing the Middle East's business operations by digitally transforming their online presence through web development in less than 5 minutes!

Almost 89% of small businesses in the Middle East don’t have a website or professional business emails. When asked for the reason, the answer is almost always something like: “I don’t know how to build one”, “it’s expensive”, “what’s a website?” (no really, a lot of them asked that question).

With that, Oryx Cloud was founded with the mission of web-enabling small to medium-sized businesses through building them websites, business emails, along with digital marketing services at surreal prices starting from Free!

But building a website is like having a shop in the middle of the desert, no matter the investments no one will visit you. Digital Marketing is key.” Said Mustapha Ramadan, co-founder and CEO of Oryx Cloud. With that, Oryx Cloud came with an initiative to build, an online social marketplace that helps small to medium-sized businesses establish their web-presence by building them a website and an online “store” to post their properties, motors, classifieds, jobs or services and share their news and deals for free. is literally a free digital marketing channel for businesses where they can link their website, social media accounts and contact information. Thus, not only does Storat increase the user’s online presence, but also drives more traffic to their websites.

Storat has recently announced the launch of Storat Websites Solution, allowing any business in the Middle East to own a mobile ready website that supports both Arabic and English out of the box at their own domain (e.g. www. mycompany. com) and absolutely for free. “Storat Websites is part of fulfilling our vision of web-enabling small businesses all over the Middle East to help them reach millions of customers locally and overseas” says Mustapha proudly. This makes Oryx Cloud the first company in the Middle East to achieve the mission of digital transformation.

Storat Websites Solution was launched in December 2016 and is available in United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and soon in Saudi Arabia. It will be open to other countries in the MENA region in the next six months. Oryx Cloud team will be adding more features and functionalities to Storat Websites over the next few months.

Check out some of the businesses that chose to build their websites on Storat

Storat will also be launching 2 to 3 new themes every month to cater for business-specific requirements. Check them out here:

About Oryx Cloud: Founded in 2015, Oryx Cloud Information Technology is a technology company based out of the United Arab Emirates with branches in United States, India and United Kingdom. Oryx Cloud mission is to web and mobile enable small businesses all over the Middle East. is a registered trademark of Oryx Cloud, Inc.