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Choosing a Custom Uniform for your Employees: the top 7 tips

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 06-05-2017
Choosing a Custom Uniform for your Employees: the top 7 tips

Employees Uniform is one of the best ways to reflect your brand and promote your business. While Employee uniforms are essential for businesses like cleaning services companies in Dubai, hospitality, Hotels, Restaurants, Airlines, and manufacturing, many other businesses have decided to adopt standard employees uniforms because of the business benefits and to promote a culture of customer service.

Choosing an employee uniform can be a challenging task. There is no single design that fits all businesses. At BBM Fashion we work with vast customer requirements and we recommend clothing custom design solution based on many factors. For example, the design and fabric choices for factory workers uniform is completely different than the choice for an elite 5 stars hotel employees uniform.

The 7 tips for choosing an employee uniform

1- Employee Comfort

Yes, the most important you need to consider when selecting your business uniform is your own employees comfort. Is the fabric comfortable, does it provide proper heat or cold isolation based in the environment, this is specially important for the diverse weather if Abu Dhabi, UAE and the rest of the Middle East.

Employee Comfort with Custom Uniform

The first representation of your business is your employee. One advise we tell business owners and decision makers when selecting a uniform is to TRY IT OWN yourself. Make a sample on your size, take it home, and try it on for few hours. This will be the best way to tell if your employees will be comfortable spending the bulk of their day wearing this uniform.

2- The Fabric

The choice of fabric is one of the most important factor for employee uniforms. Level of physical activity and working environment temperature are very important for the choice of fabric.

Employee Custom Unifrom Fabric Choice

While the choices may be cotton, polyster, or nylon, for the hot weather of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and UAE, we always recommend cotton custom uniform. Cotton is very suitable for warm weather and provide the highest level of comfort inside and outside. Polyester and Nylon provide great look dressier and more suitable for indoor air-conditioned environment.

3- Color Choice

The choice of color of the uniform has to be based on the branding, business logo, and the working environment. For outdoor activities, we recommend light colors that help in reducing heat absorption from the sun.

Employee Custom Uniform Color Choices

4- Single Design or Multiple Designs

Do you want a single uniform for all employees or different designs depending on the employee rank. One tip is to select a basic standard principle design and create variations based on the employee rank you want to reflect to your customers.

Employee Custom Unifrom - Single or Multiple Designs

5- Quality of the design and fabrication process

Practical design with high quality stitching will make a lot of difference to the uniform end users, it will increase the uniform durability, extend the wear & tear duration and reduce the operational expenses so there is no need to replace staff uniform frequently, for instance; using double stitching instead of single needle and using anti bleach threads for embroidery will maintain your delicate corporate image for a longer period.

Employee Custom Uniform quality of the design and fabrication process

6- Logo and Printing

Another factor you need to consider is embroidering or screen printing. Embroidering is great for small logos while screen printing is recommended for larger prints in front or the back of the uniform.

Employee Custom Uniform Logo and Printing

7- Quantities of Uniform to order

We always recommend to order extra pieces so you don't have a shortage. Also the more you order, the less it will cost. Also you need to consider employees joining and leaving and the different sizes requirement that may arise.

Note: BBM Fashion is a manufacturer of employee custom uniforms based out of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates serving to enterprise customers like government, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing, sports, and many other sectors.

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