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Build Arabic and Right-to-left RTL Websites

By Mustapha's Blog , posted on 23-07-2017
Build Arabic and Right-to-left RTL Websites

Building Arabic Websites without hosting or development is introducing a new and revolutionary technology to build Arabic Websites without the need for servers, hosting, development or other complexities that comes with building and hosting a website. Managing the content on your website is as easy as posting on social media accounts like facebook and Instagram.

You can build a website that support Arabic and English in literally less than 5 minutes and start publishing content to it. Here is how it works:

  1. Sign-up on
  2. Configure a profile page that looks like this
  3. In Build a Website section in a private dashboard, connect your domain, select a website theme.
  4. Configure C records in your DNS to point your domain to storat. that's it! now you have a website that looks like this

The most revolutionary Arabic Website Template is the Services Website Template which supports high level of customization, custom menus, nest menus, and new custom pages. There are other Arabic website templates available like restaurants website template, and general services website template with booking form.

Example of a Properties Website to sell and Buy Properties in UAE

Example of a Properties Website

Publishing Content in Arabic Website

Publish Button on Storat to publish Products, Services and News on Storat Market

For posting content to your Arabic website, you use Storat platform to post products, services, news, and articles. It is as easy as posting on a classifieds website or an online services appointment marketplace. You use the publish button, and then select what you want to advertise using the black option screen.

Storat Website Solutions is available for businesses in UAE, Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. But we will be opening the solution for other countries in the middle east very soon.

Popular services categories in Abu Dhabi

Popular services categories in Dubai

Popular services categories in Sharjah & N. Emirates