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Best Calorie Burning Workouts for Women in Abu Dhabi

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 11-10-2017
Best Calorie Burning Workouts for Women in Abu Dhabi

If you are a woman living in Abu Dhabi and working for most of the week, then you should definitely visit one of the fitness centres in Abu Dhabi and indulge yourself in a number of high octane exercises that will help you burn those calories. During lunch sessions and in between office meetings, you probably include many things in your diet that add more calories to your body and lead you to gain weight.

Due to this reason, it is necessary that you actively participate in a number of calorie burning workouts that can help you to shed that extra load of weight. Regularly exercising will also help you to keep your body’s muscles well toned and eradicated the chances of putting up weight over time.

There are numerous great calorie burning workouts for women that you can try out in Abu Dhabi. These include aerobics, aqua aerobics, swimming and Zumba. However, if you are not sure as to which of these workouts would suit you best, you can always consult a major sports center in Abu Dhabi like Dolphin Sports Academy who can make it easy for you to carve out your very own fitness program which would best suit your needs. Dolphin Sports Academy has also played a very important role in encouraging women in Abu Dhabi to take up different types of sports activities either professionally or for general fitness.

The best part of this is that you can club different fitness regimens together to have the best results. Here are some of the workouts that you can choose from to burn off those additional calories quickly.


Aerobics Classes for women in Abu Dhabi

Practicing aerobics can offer you a wide range of health benefits such as enhancing your endurance and flexibility as well as improving your blood circulation. It can also facilitate in fat burning and weight loss, reduces the stress levels and improve overall body coordination. Aerobics classes in Abu Dhabi can also help to develop a focused mind and assist in improving moods to a great extent.

Aqua aerobics

Swimming Classes for Women in Abu Dhabi

Water Aerobics or Aqua Aerobics in Abu Dhabi is an extremely popular form of therapeutic workout activity that can be tried out by women of all age groups. It can help you to build strength, improves resistance and increase cardio without needing to worry about the potential risks of injured ankles, knees or elbows. It can also help you to burn calories, enhance mental and physical strength and boost confidence while having fun at the same time.


Swimming Classes for women in Abu Dhabi

Swimming classes in Abu Dhabi has always been known as a great stress buster and is a proven method of strength and cardio training. It not only helps to lose weight quickly but also helps to remove health issues like blood pressure and cholesterol. You can also enjoy well-toned muscle structure and better mental health. Swimming can also increase the flow of blood in the brain and increase alertness. With regular practice of swimming, you can also expect better agility and endurance that can help you to fight of health problems easily and have improved mental strength.


Zumba Fitness Classes for women in Abu Dhabi

Zumba in Abu Dhabiis an excellent workout activity that makes use of dance moves to help in weight loss and calorie burning. You can dance in the beats of flamenco and Salsa and have a great time while losing weight. Many people complain that their workout sessions are actually quite boring. However, Zumba is a form of fun workout that lets you lose weight without feeling stressed. The simplicity of this workout makes it extremely popular.


Cheerobics is a smart combination of cheerleading techniques and aerobics and it serves as a highly effective method for losing weight quickly. This is a highly intensive workout that can help you to lose as much as 500 to 700 calories in a single session. Cheerobics can improve the blood circulation of the body and assist in weight loss. It can also improve body coordination and enhance flexibility. Apart from creating a perfectly well-toned body, it can also help develop physical strength and enhance mental conditioning.

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