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Are you Measuring the Success of your Digital Marketing Campaigns?

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 17-10-2018
Are you Measuring the Success of your Digital Marketing Campaigns?

Never compare movement with progress. Similarly, running just a digital marketing campaign is not enough.


How would you improve something if you don’t even know how it is performing right now?

People in the virtual world generally make a mistake by comparing movement with progress. They think that clicking on:

1.    Publish Button on an Ad or

2.    Send an Email Campaign or

3.    Running a Facebook/ Google AdWords campaign

is enough. Everyone knows that initiation is always better than perfection. However, that is just the beginning and the improvement of performance is based on ‘trial’, ‘errors’ and ‘fixes’.

So, far you have already been made aware of the tips and tricks about how you can optimize your Google AdWords campaign. In this piece of content, we’ll be learning how to measure the success of ‘lead generation’ and also how to analyze digital marketing campaigns performance.

1. Listen to the Trend & Understand the Market:

A shift in the market has been experienced where we moved from the PC era to an era of wireless headphones and speakers that talk to us. ‘Online Buying’ behavior and decision-making fundamentals have also changed drastically. People tend to reach out to you instead of you reaching out to them and knocking their door.

The conventional means of traffic generation is over now, and it’s time to move to a better way of marketing by doing ‘lead generation’ with the most active marketing channels.

People are now reaching out to small businesses via marketplaces to get their desired products and services.

Dominate the Search Engine with Organic & inorganic Traffic
Dominate the Search Engine with Organic & inorganic Traffic

2. What is the Objective of your Digital Marketing Campaign? Measure it with KPIs

A successful customer acquisition happens in 4 stages: 

A Customer Acquisition Funnel
A Customer Acquisition Funnel

Before jumping into the details of a campaign, you must focus on what is the outcome you are expecting from it?

For Example: If this is your first campaign then make sure that you are building an awareness campaign instead of an action campaign.


Awareness: It's a type of campaign which identifies what kind of audience will respond to your product/ services.

KPI: Impressions/Views

Interest: Interest segment out the people who are interested in the problem you are selling but, you can’t be sure that they are looking to buy the product right now.

KPI: Impressions::Views::Clicks

Desire: Desire is the most important part which defines the type of customer set for your business.

KPI: Impressions: Views::Clicks:: Inquiry

Action: In this type, your focus will be to sell more and more products/ services.

KPI: Cost of Spend:: No. Of conversion

3. Measure the Metrics: Daily/ Weekly & Monthly

To get the maximum results out of your lead generation campaign you need to measure your campaign performance regularly.

To make things easier for you we would recommend that you use an advance lead management system for better tracking & performance review.

Daily Metrics to Measure:

There are few metrics which are crucial to measuring on a regular basis. These metrics act as a seed for the weekly and monthly measurements.

Traffic Generation on a Regular Basis
Traffic Generation on a Regular Basis

Daily Traffic to your Website/Store:

It is mandatory that you measure the traffic that is coming to your website. The Top 2 Core KPI for this part will be:

  1. Traffic Source: Understand the traffic source. The affordable the source, the better is the ROI you can generate on your leads.
  2. Landing Page: It is necessary to analyze the kind of landing page that gets all the traffic:
    1. Store: Have you created a store and it’s getting a lot of traffic.


    Store: Here is an example of a perfect store that you can use to maximize your leads. 

    An Example of an Perfect Store
    An Example of an Perfect Store

    Story/ Article: A content which is published on your website and is getting good traffic.

    Ad: The Ad or “Lead Magnet” which is getting all the traffic.

    Note: Lead Magnet is a part of the content in a lead generating landing page which is used as “bait” for the user to make the decision fast & get converted.

    Example: Of a perfect Ad page

    Click on the Image to check out the full ad
    A Perfect Example of an Ad

    Any drop in your traffic can impact the number of leads you are generating on a regular basis.

    Weekly Metrics & Monthly Metrics:

    What is the Click Through Rate you are getting?

    “CTR” or Click Through Rate is generated based on the number of impressions you have produced on your website vs. how many actual users click on your link.

    CTR should be calculated for both organic and inorganic marketing channels. It is more critical in an inorganic channel because you are getting charged for every single click. Our goal will be to generate a high number of clicks in less amount.

    Conversion Rate:

    Clicks are not enough to convert the users. You need to measure how many people are making an inquiry on your landing page.

    Make sure that you measure the following statistics carefully:

    1. Source of those converting Leads
    2. Cost you have spent to acquire that lead.
    3. Best Performing Ad/Lead page.
    Sources of the Leads Generated
    Sources of the Leads Generated

    Measuring digital marketing ads with Google Analytics
    Measuring digital marketing ads with Google Analytics

    4. Categorize your Leads for better Quality Assessment

    The faster you reach out to your customer the better chance you have in converting them. It is always better to categorize your leads so that you can close them into potential customers faster.

    To do this, you can categorize all the leads you have acquired. As shown below:

    Click on the Image to Learn more about the Advanced lead management System
    Manage your Leads Effectively with Advanced Lead Management System
    1. Won: All, the leads that you have converted into customers
    2. Lost: All the leads that you lost
    3. Duplicate: People who gave you their contact details twice
    4. Not Relevant: All the leads that are irrelevant to what you are selling
    5. Spam: Leads with incorrect information, irrelevant queries & etc.

    This procedure will help you out in tracking your lead generation performance easily.

    Make sure that the lead management system that you are using collect all the necessary information and also, you can add a comment, or update the details in it.

    Advance Lead Management System
    Advance Lead Management System

    5. Improve your tracking Google UTM:

    It’s great if you are using a highly advanced lead generation system to manage your leads. But to measure the source of traffic effectively you must assign your URLs a UTM Tag.

    What is a UTM Tag:

    UTM tag is an addition for your URLs to better capture:

    1. Medium: What is the medium of your traffic? Is it Organic, PPC, Email, Inbound, Social, etc?
    2. Source: What is the source of your traffic? Is it Facebook, Google, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, etc?

    3. Campaign Name: This will help you in understanding which specific campaign is bringing you that traffic.

    Here, is an Example of UTM URL:

    6. Keep yourself up to date with your Lead capturing so that your prospect doesn’t get cold:

    Once you get a lead, it’s crucial that you contact them within the next 10-15 minutes via any communication medium such as email, phone call.

    To keep yourself updated with the current status of the lead generation campaign make sure you are using an advance lead management system which has smart notification features.

    Also, if possible, add multiple email address & phone numbers so that it is convenient if you have a follow-up team for the leads you have captured.

    Lead Notification
    Lead Notification

    7. A/B Testing of your Landing Page:

    Once you have identified the correct traffic source for quality leads you must optimize your landing page for better conversions. You can modify the images, change the content and work upon mainly the position of the call to action button and then track down what is the performance of your landing page.

    For Example: Check out Point No. 6 on what is perfect anatomy of a Landing Page.

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