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Announcing Storat Websites: A FREE Website to any Business in the Middle East

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 27-12-2016
Announcing Storat Websites: A FREE Website to any Business in the Middle East

Today, Oryx Cloud and are very excited to announce the launch of Storat Websites, a solution that will allow any business in the Middle East to own a mobile ready website that supports Arabic and English out of the box at their own domain (e.g. www. mycompany .com) and absolutely for free.

Storat Websites solution has a number of unique features that Oryx Cloud is proud to be the first to introduce to Middle East businesses:

1. Setup and configuration of the website takes less than 5 minutes. All you need is a domain and a logo to setup your website.

Storat websites and domains

2. Out of the box support for Arabic and English language with right to left functionality.

We are also introducing an innovative multi-lingual interface that will allow the site operator to enter the content in both languages at the same time. Arabic content will show in the Arabic version of the website and English content will show in the English version of the website.

Storat arab english interface

3. Rich Content Management System (CMS) with three different sub-systems to support posting various kind of contents including:

- Product publishing CMS that support publishing products, services, and jobs with sophisticated categorization, indexing, and relevant custom fields for different products.

- Articles and news publishing system in Arabic and English

- Quick Share and Update system to upload photos, share quick updates, or share links to other relevant news.

Storat content management system

4. Integration with marketplace. All contents that a business post to their website, will show automatically on marketplace to help businesses generate leads through a rising marketplace.

5. The best part of Storat Websites is that it will be absolutely for free for any business or individual. All you need to do is buy a domain from any domain provider or from Storat Domains.

Storat Websites is part of fulfilling Oryx Cloud vision of web-enabling businesses all over the Middle East to help them reach millions of customers locally and overseas.

We are proud to be a technology startup based out of Abu Dhabi that is able to fulfill such an important vision where 99% of small businesses in the Middle East are struggling with digital transformation and building an online presence. We are humbled to be the first company in the world to help them achieve that and at absolutely no charge.

Storat Websites has been rolled in Beta version in December 2016 and is available in United Arab Emirates immediately. It will be open to other countries in the Middle East in the next six months. Oryx Cloud team will be adding much more features to Storat Websites over the next few months. However, we will not compromise on simplicity demanded by small businesses all over the Middle East.

How to Configure your domain to be hosted on Storat Websites

For more information or inquiries, please send an email to is a registered trademark of Oryx Cloud, Inc.

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