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Advantages of Renting Printers vs Buying Printers in Dubai

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 27-07-2017
Advantages of Renting Printers vs Buying Printers in Dubai

Today printers are something that has become an integral part of our regular as well as professional life. With printing chores rising by the day, printers have indeed become very important to not only the people of Dubai, but also across the world. With many businesses trying to cut down on various expenses, renting printers gained much popularity for its low investment cost and ease in service. If you are doing an outdoor event or have an increase in printing demand at any point of time, you can always choose to rent out a printer to meet your demands for that specific duration.

If ever you find yourself in a position to buy a printer, think twice!

Renting a printer just might be a life saver. Nowadays majority of the people find it more sensible to rent or lease printers in Dubai or UAE rather than buy and worry about maintenance charges few months down. Who wouldn’t want to cut down their unnecessary expenses and save a few bucks.

Here are few advantages of renting a printer in Dubai with Prompt Computers

  • No Initial Costs
  • Free Monthly maintenance and on call support
  • Wide variety of printers to choose from
  • Upgrade to a new printer anytime
  • Available on daily, weekly and monthly basis

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