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Abu Dhabi’s Hottest Property Investment Hotspots

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 10-04-2018
Abu Dhabi’s Hottest Property Investment Hotspots

Are you considering to move to Abu Dhabi and buy properties  for investment? If yes, there are plenty of choices available for aspiring buyers. Real estate market in the capital Emirate has been booming as more people are now showing interest in property investment than ever before. However, it is important to carefully select the property otherwise your investment will fail to generate the expected ROI. Therefore to make things easier for you, we have compiled this article that includes the hottest property investment hotspots in Abu Dhabi which can get you maximum returns in the long run.

Al Reef

Al Reef has emerged as the number one choice for investors over the last few years as it offers beautiful villas as well as apartments at affordable rates. You can invest either in a studio, one, two and three bedroom apartment or a two, three, four and five bedroom villa, based on your budget. Al Reef’s large residential community is spread across one million square meter plot that includes all the amenities for an upscale lifestyle. Moreover, it’s conveniently located with less than 30 minutes’ distance from Abu Dhabi city center and less than an hour’s distance to Dubai.

Al Reem Island

When it comes to return on investment on properties in UAE, Al Reem Island has caught the eyes of international investors with approximately 7.09 percent of ROI. That’s because Al Reem Island is capital Emirate’s one of the first free zones that let foreigners buy the property easily as leasehold. The developing community offers both the residential and commercial properties. Marina Square is one such popular residential community with apartment sizes ranging from one to four bedrooms.

Al Ghadeer

With approximately 7.40 percent ROI, Al Ghadeer is gaining popularity as one of the hotspots for property investment.  Al Ghadeer is located closer to Abu Dhabi and Dubai which makes it all the more preferable option. You can invest in apartments, villas or townhouses which are available at competitive rates and later give out these properties in Abu Dhabi if you don’t intend to reside there. Furthermore, the community also has several commercial and retail spaces for a comfortable lifestyle.

Al Raha Beach

Investing in Al Raha Beach property offers a great return on investment due to its fine location alongside the waters. In fact, there are attractive plans offered by banks to aid property investment in this part of the capital Emirate. It’s just 20 minutes distant from Abu Dhabi city center and comprises commercial, residential, and entertainment facilities among other key amenities. You can choose to invest in any of the Al Raha communities’ luxurious villas, townhouses or up-scale apartments; all of which are gated communities with complete security.

Saadiyat Island

Apart from being one of the hottest tourist destinations of Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Island is also a great property investment option that generates impressive ROI. It is located hardly seven minutes away from downtown Abu Dhabi. There are a number of investment opportunities at the Island in terms of cultural, residential, entertainment, leisure, hospitality, and educational properties. From studio and four bedroom apartments to villas and residential plots, you can invest as per your budget. In fact, there are various off-plan properties available as well to cater to the investors’ interest.

Other than these hotspots, Al Raha Garden, Hydra Village, Al Raha Golf Gardens and Al Salam Street are also quite popular among the investors as they provide a decent ROI. So now that you are aware of such most desirable property locations, choosing one from them for investment won’t be a headache anymore.

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