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A Look at The New Decoration Trends for 2018

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 14-03-2018
A Look at The New Decoration Trends for 2018

When it comes to decorating your home, it is necessary that you buy furniture pieces from the best home furniture stores in Abu Dhabi and use them in the most creative manner so that they can enhance the look and feel of your living environment.

You should also make sure that you choose furniture pieces that are in line with the nature of space that you have in your home.

Trends 2018- Furniture and Home Decor in Abu Dhabi

While choosing furniture items for your home, you should try to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics so that your living environment looks positively vibrant.

Here are some cool decoration tips and trends that you can try out for this year. The new decoration trends for 2018 presented here are recommended by Pure Italian, a leading furniture manufacturing company in UAE.

Interesting Use of Colors

Colorful Furniture in Abu Dhabi- Pure Italian

While plenty of people still love to stick with neutral shades when it comes to their interiors, more people would want to experiment with bolder shades this year.

A popular practice this year would be to combine dynamically colored furniture pieces with wall designs that further help in accentuating their beauty.

While many people will want to work with contrasting shades that can bring out the brightness of their wall paint in Dubai and furniture pieces, there will also be those who would love to have both their furniture and walls in equally vibrant shades.

Furniture Designs and Colors for 2018 in Abu Dhabi

Another trend that will be noticeable with increasing propensity this year would be to make use of moody interiors with the application of colors like brooding violet, emerald green and striking navy.

Dark Shaded Wooden Furniture

Dark Wooden Dining Table- Trend 2018

While home furniture in Abu Dhabi that are done in light shades of wood have enjoyed a consistent popularity for many years, we can expect a surge of interest among homeowners to invest in pieces that are made with various shades of dark wood.

The darker shades of wood can not only appeal to all those who share a strong penchant for retro looking furniture items, but they are also favored by everyone who wants to create a contrasting look with light shaded interiors and wall colors.

Wooden Bed Sets in Abu Dhabi- Trends 2018

Makers of custom furniture in Abu Dhabi will likely get more orders that focus on using dark shades of wood such as parquet tiling in Abu Dhabi in a more creative manner.

Pieces That Combine Rustic Beauty with Modern Glamour

Rustic Glam in Trends 2018- Pure Italian

More people this year will prefer to go for furniture pieces that come with a minimalistic design and are equipped with simple but effective glamour elements.

For instance, furniture pieces with metallic legs and handles are going to find an ever-increasing audience in the coming months. The reason for this is that they do offer the best finishing touches to any rustic looking furniture item.

Moreover, furniture pieces that combine gold, brass, walnut, black and marble will be able to appeal to buyers who prefer to invest in sophisticated furniture items.

Rustic with Modern Design Living Room- Trends 2018- Pure Italian

High-street pieces and retro items like wishbone-style dining chairs will enjoy greater popularity due to their rich wood stains.

Furniture made with contemporary styled walnut wood samples can help to explore the natural grainy beauty of these wooden materials.

Pastel shaded cushions

Cushions in Abu Dhabi- Trends 2018- Pure Italian

Pastel shades and ikat prints will be a popular trend when it comes to pillows and cushions used with the furniture pieces since they always carry a nice, positive vibe of their own.

Decorative cushions and covers in Abu Dhabi will be in, as more homeowners will experiment with beautifully styled products.

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