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8 Steps to finding an apartment or flat in Abu Dhabi

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 17-03-2018
8 Steps to finding an apartment or flat in Abu Dhabi

Renting an apartment in Abu Dhabi has never been easier. The following are the essential 8 steps for renting an apartment in Abu Dhabi

Step 1. Search for apartment ads and listing in websites such as apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi on You can decrease the listings based on your needs such as a number of rooms, areas, furnished or unfurnished. The lister usually states the following:

- Annual rental fees
- Number of cheques
- Security deposit required. Which is usually 5% of the rental amount.
- Furnished or unfurnished apartment.
- When the unit is available for viewing
- Desired starting date
- Any other conditions

Step 2. Narrow your list to a few apartments that meet your conditions and requirement. Then call up the contact person mentioned in the advertisement. Mostly will be a real estate agent. But sometimes landlords will advertise directly. It is recommended to put a plan and shortlist a preferred location at least two months in advance. Usually, the real estate agent will give you attention if you're ready to move in within a month.

Step 3. Inspect the unit: 

This is the clear next step. Make sure you take notes and photos when you visit. A few important points to keep in mind:
- Parking, Parking, and parking. This is the most important to check if you are renting an apartment inside Abu Dhabi city.
- Security
- closeness to your workplace
- Noise and crowd in the area
- Facilities such as a gym or swimming pool
- Other facilities

Step 4. Make an offer to rent

In case you decide to take the apartment, you may want to negotiate on the rent amount. The most common way to do is to negotiate on the number of cheques. Most of the time, the landlord would agree to reduce the total rental amount if the number of cheques is reduced. Don't forget to clarify other points such as when the contract will start, its duration, and security deposit amount.

Step 5. Reservation of the property

If you want to secure that unit for you, you will have to pay a refundable security deposit, which is usually 5% of the rental amount.
The cash or cheque is made payable to the landlord but is held by the agent until the actual rental contract has been signed and rental payment made. Make sure to take a receipt for the deposit.

Also, have the following documents ready:
- Your Passport
- Residence visa copy, or an original letter from your sponsor stating that your visa is under process

Step 6. The contract
The agent will then send the rental Contract which will include all the information regarding the rental. Make sure to study it thoroughly and suggest changes if necessary. For example, if you want the property to be repainted, make sure it is stated.

The contract must comply with the tenancy laws in Abu Dhabi.

Step 7. Sign the rental agreement

After you have reviewed the contract, you can sign and submit, and hand over the rent cheques and the agency commission. Make sure you receive invoices for the same.
The agent will then get the landlord to sign the contract, hand over the cheques to him and sign for receipt.
The landlord will keep one of the signed contracts and the other signed contract can be kept by you.
You will be given the keys and\or access cards. You will also sign a handover form clearly stating that you received 'keys, access cards, parking bay slots, etc.

Step 8. Getting Tawtheeq and Connecting Electricity and Water 

For most people who rent property in Abu Dhabi city or its areas, getting water and electricity connected is very easy. The first step is to do Tawtheeq for the apartment. “When you register your rental agreement with Tawtheeq, the city’s register for tenancy contracts, your water and electricity accounts will already be set up for you. This means you don’t need to send us a separate connection request. What’s more, you can easily manage your ADDC services from home or work by activating your online account below. “

If you are looking for help moving your furniture, check movers in Abu Dhabi. Also when renting a new apartment, it is recommended to do pest control.

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