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5 Tips For A Perfect White Smile This Summer

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 07-07-2017
5 Tips For A Perfect White Smile This Summer

A warm smile welcomes like nothing else. Sadly, your teeth often darken with age as well as faulty oral hygiene and then it becomes impossible to reveal your teeth to the world. No worries! You have the advantage of opting for teeth whitening procedures at present that result in a set of perfect white teeth. You will feel no embarrassment whatsoever in saying cheese when it is time to be happy and smile with glee.

Storat teeth whitening Abu Dhabi has a number of able dentists who recommend dental veneers to a few selected individuals looking for cosmetic solutions for shaping and protecting their teeth with the added advantage of lightening the color fantastically.

The cosmetic dental procedures work wonders as every dental professional will tell you. Following a few tested and tried practices also help your teeth to withstand discoloration whatever be your age. The Celebs who are willing to pay a fortune for flashing their perfect pearlies to the world are too happy to follow the tips too. Check them out and keep smiling!

Teeth Whitening
  • No Rinsing Please! – The benefits of fluoride on your teeth are well known. Sadly, you often let this precious compound go waste by rinsing it off your teeth after brushing vigorously. Experts suggest simply spitting out the water instead of rinsing thoroughly thereby allowing the fluoride to remain on top of your teeth and help to protect it.

  • Using A Straw- Yes! You just cannot live without endless cups of coffee. No issues! Carry on but be careful enough to sip your iced coffee through a straw instead of gulping it down. The same holds true for soda too. This will not only help you to avoid staining your teeth but will keep your whitened teeth intact. Do remember to avoid the dark foods totally for a few days after undergoing a teeth whitening procedure though. This will help you keep the set from being stained when it is most porous and vulnerable to damages.

  • Bright Foods- Say no to dark colored foods as well as crunchy veggies, if you want to retain your beautiful pearlies that are pristine white thanks to cosmetic dentistry. Do not forget to give up the foods that can stain a white tee as they are equally capable of having the same effect on your white teeth thus darkening them once again. Stick with bright or light food substances and let your smile widen gradually.
  • Strawberries- Go ahead and gorge on strawberries when in season. Sure, it happens to be both refreshing and tasty but you get an additional advantage as you bite into the juicy fruit. The strawberry contains the enzyme, malic acid that enhances the production of saliva thereby cleansing your teeth naturally.

  • Whitening Regimen- It is mandatory to use an electric toothbrush along with a toothpaste that comes highly recommended by the dentists. Brushing your teeth twice a day and also after each and every meal will not only keep your white teeth unstained but will also reduce tartar formation and plaque build up considerably.

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