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5 Best Tricks to Sell or Buy Used Cars Profitably in Abu Dhabi

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 02-04-2018
5 Best Tricks to Sell or Buy Used Cars Profitably in Abu Dhabi

If you are living in Abu Dhabi, you would need to get a car at some point of time since using public conveyance can be rather difficult due to a number of reasons. However, buying a brand new car is not advisable when you are staying in Abu Dhabi since for most people living in this part of the world is a rather transitional phase. Therefore, buying a second hand car would be a practical and economical option for you.

It is important that you choose a car that is best for your needs while being affordable at the same time. Here are some tricks that you should keep in mind when you are looking profitably to sell or buy used cars in Abu Dhabi.

Shortlist models or brands

The first thing that you need to do is decide on the brand or manufacturer of a car that you intend to purchase. It would be a wise thing to do to shortlist only two or three manufacturing brands, or go for diverse models offered by the same brand during the initial stages. Your decision making may be based on cost of the vehicle, possible resale value, service and maintenance costs, passenger capacity as well as other factors.

Find a reliable and reputed website or dealer of used cars

Although there are literally hundreds of car dealers in the market, you should only choose a reliable dealer that can offer credibility and responsible buying and selling of cars. There are a number of top ranking car dealers in Abu Dhabi that can provide you with a good second hand car. You can also consult them if you are planning to sell a car to them that you have been using for some point of time. While some car dealers specifically focus on luxury car models, there are also those that offer cars from numerous well known regular purpose car manufacturing brands. These car dealers can also offer you attractive service packages once the purchase is over. You may also choose to visit reputed online websites that have a long track record of offering reliable services. These websites can make it easier for you to compare the brands and costs as well as get in touch with the car owners for price negotiation. This is something that you cannot actually do with the resellers.

RTA tests and checks

Once you have found the car model and make that you have been looking for, you need to make sure that the vehicle is in perfectly working condition before you make the actual purchase. Since not everyone is capable of carrying out a thorough checkup and evaluation of car condition and performance, you should ideally ask for RTA passing guarantee as this can help to make sure that the car is in robust condition. There are many RTA-approved testing centers in Abu Dhabi that can perform thorough tests on a car for you. RTA tests can help to make sure that a car is perfectly road-worthy and also free from any kind of legal hassles. Such a certificate has validity for a period of 30 days only from the date of issue; therefore you can be completely sure that it represents a recent check. On the other hand, if you are planning to sell a vehicle and would like to get potential customers interested, you can apply to get an RTA test done and obtain the certificate as this will help you to get prospective buyers.

Thorough vehicle check

After you are done with the RTA vehicle check, got the passing guarantee report and discussed pricing with the car seller, you should go for a complete checkup of the vehicle at a garage. This is highly advisable for any cautious buyer who wants to be sure that the car is working perfectly fine. The check is going to cover all mechanical aspects such as engine status as well as any presence of leakages, electrical aspects like computer and electrical diagnostics as well as lighting, air-conditioner and navigational systems along with a full body checkup. Also, when you are planning to drive a car in UAE, you should get body check and paint check done. You should remember that even a single accident along with consequent repairs can bring down the overall value of a car by more than 15%. Therefore a complete body inspection along with the vehicle’s chassis number (i.e. VIN or vehicle identification number) can help in tracking any kind of accident history.

Start using your vehicle

After you are done with all the checking, it is time for you to get the car officially registered with your name. Make sure that you have got all the original copies of the documents as well as the additional photocopies. Keep all service details, cards and receipts safe as you will need them when you will need to sell the car. Having the service history documents in hand can really help you in negotiating a fair price provided that your car is well cared and well maintained. Also, make periodic vehicle checks to ensure safety and efficiency of your car. While on the road, make sure that you drive safe so that your car does not develop any bumps or scratches during usage. A well maintained car can always fetch you a high price when you need to sell it.

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