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3 Important Tips to Look After Your Child’s Teeth

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 20-06-2018
3 Important Tips to Look After Your Child’s Teeth

Caring for your children’s teeth isn’t as easy of a task as it sounds. That’s because, in reality, most children run away when it is time to brush their teeth. But that should not keep you from establishing a good dental routine for them.

In fact, expert doctors practising dentistry in UAE strongly believe that a good oral hygiene in children is essential to not only avert future dental problems, such as tooth decay, but it also helps in maintaining an overall good health. Therefore, we have listed three basic yet important tips here that will easily get you started in the right direction.

Create a Healthy Brushing Routine

Tips to look after your child's teeth

Setting and implementing your child’s daily dental care routine is in your hands. While brushing twice a day is one well-established routine, it is equally important to choose the right tools and brushing techniques.

There are many fancy toothbrushes out there which appeals to children the most. However, while choosing one, make sure that the toothbrush has soft bristles, small head and is appropriate for your child’s age. Using a fluoride toothpaste is also necessary to fight the buildup of plaque. A smear of the paste is enough for teeth cleaning during a child’s early years and a pea-size quantity once they are seven.

After buying the right products, it is time for brushing lessons. For that, you can sit your child down in front of the mirror and show them how to brush their teeth correctly for at least two minutes. It will allow them to see what they are doing and whether they are doing it properly. You can make it a fun activity by joining them in their routine.

Start visiting a dentist early

Visit your dentist

Maintaining a great dental hygiene requires regular visits to dentists, even for children. Experts suggest that child should be taken to a dentist before it turns one. That’s because only the dentist can give you an exact idea of how healthy your child’s baby teeth and mouth actually are or whether you are performing the right methods. Regular visits also help in determining early signs of cavities and a need for a professional cleaning treatment like teeth whitening in UAE.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

Even if your child doesn’t exactly need any treatment, it’s beneficial to take them along with you for your appointments. Doing so makes them familiar with the surroundings of a dental clinic at an early age. This practice will also build confidence within them and make them less likely to avoid undergoing dental treatments during their adulthood.

Following these tips will surely help you keep dental troubles away!

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