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10 hidden secrets for pest control

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 26-10-2019
10 hidden secrets for pest control

If you are looking to do pest control for your home in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, here are the top 10 tips: 

  1. Make sure to block any entry to your home
  2. Keep your kitchen clean
  3. Water is an attraction for pests, keep your house clean of standing water.
  4. If you live an in villa, make sure you keep a good maintenance of your back yard. 
  5. Never ever leave food or left over of fruits or vegetables.
  6. If you have planets in the house, keep them clean.
  7. Don't throw food outside or keep it in open container.
  8. Inspect furniture regularly for insects.
  9. If you are bringing items from the outside, inspect them throughly. 
  10. Use a professional pest control company in Dubai or UAE to help you get rid of pest. The recommendation is once every six months treatment. 

Also it is recommended to keep your house always clean, this is the best way to fight pests. If you don't have an inhouse maid, consider hiring maids per hour and cleaning services in Abu Dhabi to keep your house clean. It can cost as low as AED 20 per hour for a maid in Dubai.

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