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Marina Village Sea Wall, Abu Dhabi, 72713, Marina Village, Abu Dhabi City, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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About Zo Skin Centre By Zein Obaji UAE

Committed to optimizing skin and body health, ZO® Skin Centre by Zein Obagi MD offers a combination of cutting-edge skin science and extensive clinical expertise, all in a comfortable, elegant setting. Established by Dr Zein Obagi, a world-renowned dermatologist, our staff delivers a multi-disciplinary customised approach based on Dr Obagi’s philosophies and innovations. Fulfilling the promise of Skin Health for everyone with a commitment to achieving the best results for your skin and body, ZO Skin Centre® bridges the gap between therapeutic treatments and daily care. We offer a portfolio of scientifically advanced facial and body procedures, personalized to the needs of individual clients, and delivered by a group of caring, highly trained medical professionals with world-class expertise to treat both men and women of all ages. We believe that every client matters, therefore we consistently strive for the highest standards, delivering quality treatments in a calm, welcoming and professional environment. ZO Skin Centre®, UAE has an existing network of ZO® Skin Centres in Newport Beach and Pasadena, California, USA and Cairo, Egypt. Additional ZO Skin Centre® UAE locations which came up in September 2016 were Abu Dhabi and Al Ain Along with Dubai recently. ZO Skin Health, Inc. products can be purchased in our facility without an appointment. Our team is fully trained in ZO Skin Health, Inc. products & protocols. Languages: English, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Urdu, Hindi and Tagalog



  • RA
    Shoutout to the best ZO team at the Marina Village branch in Abu Dhabi. A true meaning of "A Queen's Experience". Amazing and friendly staff that will always makes you smile. A huge thanks to the most amazing Dr. Hiam for the best dermatological treatment. She diagnosed my issue and helped me treat it in no time. Highly recommended.
  • LR
    I felt very comfortable. Great treatment and great service coming from people who care for you and your skin.
  • AA
    النتائج مذهلة. افضل من المتوقع بكثير و اتمني زيارة المكان مرة اخري
  • MA
    معجبة كبيرة بمركز الدكتور زين اوباجي. مكان يوفر كل الخدمات المطلوبة و باحترافية. يستخدمون احدث التقنيات للتجميل و من الصعب العثور علي هذا المستوي العالي من الخدمة في اي مكان اخر
  • JA
    I am impressed! I said exactly what I wanted, and that is exactly what I got.
  • AN
    تجربة ممتازة.
  • Mm
    I'm very Happy to have found this place. the clinic is very clean and the staff are very inviting. amazing environment and awesome results!!!
  • NS
    .افضل مركز للعناية بالبشرة في دبي
  • MN
    this place was recommended to me by a friend. the visit went better than expected. people there were very helpful and friendly. They keep you on track with everything that's going on. they describe the whole process and what results to expect, which really gives you a better understanding of the treatment. they described everything perfectly. i totally recommend it.
  • MG
    Professional Service, the staff is very friendly and they truly live up to the expectations.
  • LM
    I couldn't believe the results! They turned out to be amazing.
  • SA
    زورت مركز دكتور زين اوباجي وعملت تقشير عميق لبشرتي والنتيجة كانت حلوة جدا بشرتي بقت صافية ومشدودة
  • RW
    I'm sooo happy with my experiance there, the treatments, the service, the doctors, the quality and even the prices all are more than perfect and I would highly recommend it for my friends and family
  • NK
    علاج الميزوثيرابي للشعر فعلا فعال ووقف تساقط شعري وهلا شعري بلش يطول وصحته تتحسن, الأطباء بمركز دكتور اوباجي كتييير اهتموا فيني وبدي قلهم شكرا كتيير
  • MA
    عملت تبيض اسنان في مركز دكتور اوباجي فرع ابوظبي وفعلا لون اسناني اتغير والدكاترة خبراء وممتازين
  • ZA
    laser hair removal is really with no pain and the cost is soo affordable comparing to the high quality of the service and the equipments.
  • LF
    من أفضل أماكن الليزر لتجديد البشرة والأطباء ماهرون جداً في هذا المكان
  • JA
    I was having a small scar on my face so I went to Zoskin for a controlled depth peel treatment and the result is perfect, the scar is completely gone now I even can’t remember where was its place!
  • AS
    I used to do tattoo removal and i didn't feel pain they did it smoothly thanks for this experience
  • DF
    The place is very comfy and the Craboxytherapy treatment is perfectly and not took more than 30 minutes
  • NF
    يستخدمونأحدث أجهزة الليزر لأزالة الشعر وأفضل مكان في الليزر بدون ألم
  • KM
    شكل ايدي اتغير تماماً بعد حقن الفيلير اللي عملته د. هيام جبلي وكل عيلتي لاحظت نعومة ايدي وشكلها المشدود, شكرا جدا د. هيام وشكرا مركز الدكتور زين اوباجي على الخدمة الممتازة
  • MW
    الأول في زراعة الشعر كنت سعيد جدأً بهذه التجربة هم يتقنون جيداً عملهم
  • MM
    Detoxifying skin treatment is just amazing! the vitamins and minerals in it make my skin glow and I can feel it breath
  • LM
    I'm pleased to have lip filling in this beautiful place the place is very clean and the staff is so helpful
  • SA
    تجربة رائعة في زراعة الشعر حقيقي من أفضل مراكز التجميل
  • SK
    زرعت شعر في مركز الدكتور زين اوباجي بدون اي جراحة والنتيجة ممتازة زي مكنت متوقع وافضل
  • AS
    من أفضل الأماكن في عملية شد البطن لديهم فريق من أفضل أطباء التجميل يقومون بعمل فحوصات شاملة ويهتمون بحالتك جيداً
  • EG
    They have a kind staff also the place is very clean and the prices is affordable
  • MF
    The laser hair removal treatment in Abu Dhabi is amazing, it was quick and without any pain.
  • Ls
    One of the best places for laser hair removal it was a very nice experience the place is comfy and they use top laser hair removal machines
  • MM
    one of the best skin care centers all over the world. Abu Dhabi branch is amazing as well as Egypt's branch. can't be more satisfied with such luxurious treatments.
  • 've been using ZO Skin health since it was just Obagi years ago. ZO is the most trusted and effective skincare product I have ever used. If I were ever to recommend any skincare line it would ZO! happy to visit their amazing and brand new Centre in Abu Dhabi Marina Village. Love the Celebrity treatment....
  • Love you Obaji. Significantly improved my skin. My favorite products are: radical night repair 1% retinol, 10% C bright alive, te pads, daily defense serum microencapsulated 12 hour, and10% sulfur mask. The retinol night repair and C bright have saved my skin from break outs and scarring.
  • JC
    The best treatments for facial in Abu Dhabi. Thank you all at Zo Obaji for amazing care. keep it up :):):)
  • JH
    Love Zo Sin Centre. Have used their treatments in Beverly Hills. it is nice to see the centre here in Abu Dhabi. Will definitely be a regular customer. please keep sending me your offers :)


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