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Abu Dhabi, Al Mushrif, Abu Dhabi City, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Wash As you Go knows that your vehicle is a big investment. How you take care of your vehicles appearance has a direct effect on the overall value. Your car is the second largest purchase next to a home, and maintaining your vehicle will help hold/add value whether selling or keeping your vehicle. That's why it's important to let the professionals at Wash As you Go take care of it for you. Our Cleaning Services are provided under your house. Our staff is fully trained and our managers are certified. We are all committed to making your vehicle the cleanest, shiniest vehicle in UAE.


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Abu Dhabi


  • SA
    Paid 120 for a wash which is available for 25 aed outside. Interior was not cleaned and was notified to the cleaner. The crew came as promised but was not able to deliver what was advertised. I wish i would have taken the car for a wash and saved my hard earned money. We will come and wash your car under your home in Abu Dhabi with state of the art steam washing services. Service includes: -Exterior Steam Cleaning -Interior Steam Cleaning & Sanitizing - Don't think so -Interior Vacuuming -Rim Cleaning -Tire Polishing -Glass Cleaning -A/C Cleaning and Sanitizing - Don't think so -Perfuming - Don't think so -Interior Leather Stain Removal - Don't think so I was lauging when i saw the car after wash.
  • TD
    These guys were excellent- so flexible and trustworthy and came to me after work without any hassle. I was really impressed.
  • RA
    Super amazing service. My car looks clean as new specially from the inside. The vacuumed & polished every corner in my car. Thanks Wash As You Go Team
  • MM
    They came on time and washed my car, simply it was excellent!
  • SC
    Great service, on the sport
  • Mm
    مجهود خرافي بسعر متواضع الى الأمام دائما اليوم اول تجربة لي معهم
  • HN
    I have 3 kids and one dirty disgusting car. I tried many places but I hit the jackpot here!!!! They did an amazing job cleaning everything!!!! I will never let my kids eat in the car again. I highly recommend this place. Great customer service and sparkling job.
  • NS
    أمس قمت بالاتصال بووش أز يو قو و كانت خدمه 5 نجوم جاءوا فى الميعاد المتفق عليه بالضبط تحت المنزل بدون ما تتعب نفسك وتذهب لأى مكان والسيارة شكلها ولونها وريحتها كأنني لسه مستلماها من التوكيل من الخارج و الداخل
  • LM
    These guys are the real deal. Run don't walk to get your car detailed with Wash As you Go. They are so helpful, honest and upright guys who will give you 100%.
  • JA
    My car looks great! The guys are super nice and very professional. Prices are well worth it for the way my car looks. Thanks guys for doing such an amazing job! I highly recommend these guys to do your detail. Even higher end cars! Thanks again for getting my shine back on!!!!
  • MA
    شكرا لخدامتكم الأكثر من ممتازة و الأسعار الممتازة والخامات المستخدمة في تنظيف السياره
  • AN
    Big ups Wash As you Go for coming through for me in a pinch and on short notice. I'm impressed with your operation and will refer you to my friends and associates. Thank You
  • LR
    Best auto detail EVER, by far. The team was responsive, courteous and meticulous. My Range Rover Sport was trashed from 4x4ing, and the interior was completely dusted. They brought it back to NEW, plush and conditioned. The exterior was badly scratched from trail brush and they brought back the luster and completely removed every single mark on my paint. I was AMAZED and delighted by their very fair pricing. Big fan!!!
  • MN
    كل الشكر والتقدير لأسره ووش از يو قو علي المجهود الذي تم بسيارتي اليوم, حقيقتاً الأداء فوق المتوقع و الخدمه ممتازه جدا و فعلا السيارة رجعت لحالتها الأولي مرة أخرى
  • MG
    They did a great job washing my car, the employees are such hard workers and so nice!


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