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Sharq Al Delta Moving And Cargo Services

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Door to Door Oversea Cargo Shipping from UAE

Abu Dhabi City, Al Danah, Abu Dhabi City, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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About Sharq Al Delta Moving And Cargo Services

Your Goods at Our Responsibility! We are a noteworthy and accredited shipping services based in Abu Dhabi. We provide shipping services to Egypt from UAE. Count on us for the door to door cargo services for shipping your household or business products! We ship them by freight, air and sea to all the countries from UAE. Our services include: • Wrapping or Packing of Goods • Boxing and Storing • Shipping and Delivering the products Our shipment takes 20 days to reach you! Why choose Sharq Al Delta Road Cargo Services? • Reliability • Affordability • Speed • Honesty & Cautiousness • Door to Door Delivery

Abu Dhabi

  • RK
    Great service
  • JA
    Reliable services with professional staff
  • AN
    You people are surely a great helping hand.
  • MN
    I shipped by business products using your service and was glad it reached on the mentioned date and correct location
  • LR
    Good staff and satisfactory services
  • MG
    Amazing and Quick Services
  • mS
    كل الاغراض بتتغلف جيداً وجد انكم حرصين ع سلامة العفش شكراً ع ذوقكم
  • JD
    اكتر شي عجبني معكن السرعة ما حملت هم النقل نهائي
  • th
    الله يطول بعمركم يسلمو عالخدمة الممتازة
  • SF
    المواعيد مظبوطة وفي دقة فعلاً والحاجة وصلت لمصر بخير الحمدلله ومن غير اي ضرر.. كان التعامل الاول ليا معاكم واكيد مش الاخير :)
  • RJ
    جربت انقل اثاث بيتي من ابوظبي لدبي.. كتير محترفين وما صار شي لأغراضي ولا اي تلف, شكراً كتير ع حسن المعاملة


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