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Middle East food, Arabian food, Lebanese food

106 Khalidiyah St, Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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About Sajway Restaurant

Sajway Lebanese Food LLC is a UAE based corporation, operates Sajway Restaurant, medium-size restaurant serving healthy, traditional and contemporary Lebanese style food and non-alcoholic beverages. The company was incorporated in Abu Dhabi in September 2003, the founders are Bassam Ghanem & Adnan Khamis both are UAE residents. Since its opening in 2003, Sajway defined itself as one of the elite Lebanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi, offering distinct Arabic and Lebanese food under the supervision and directions of Em Bassam. Sajway combines the richness of Lebanese kitchen along with distinct Arab hospitality, providing its customers with wide spectrum of freshly-made Lebanese food that suite all appetites. Sajway also offers home delivery and catering services for events and parties. At Sajway we always strive to meet your high expectations of food delicacy, hospitality and service. We always welcome your comments for improvements. The company's goal is that of a multi-faceted success. Our first responsibility is to the financial well-being of the restaurant. We will meet this goal while trying to consider: 1- The effect of our products on the health and well-being of our customers and our staff 2- The impact that our business practices and choices will have on the environment 3- The high quality of attitude, fairness, understanding, and generosity between management, staff, customers, and vendors. Awareness of all these factors and the responsible actions that result will give our efforts a sense of purpose and meaning beyond our basic financial goals. Sajway Restaurant is offering a menu of food and beverages with a distinctive image. - Table service at the restaurant - Take-out from the restaurant - Home or office delivery <strong>You can now order online on</strong> Contact us for orders or booking: Abu Dhabi - Al Khalediya - Behind Etisalat Free Delivery: 02-63390 94 / 95 Abu Dhabi - Tourist Club Free Delivery: 02-6260607

Abu Dhabi


  • LA
    yummy sandwishes and freezy juices
  • NR
    they have delicious kebbah belaban, i love to try other items on the menu
  • الخدمة والأكل ممتازين كل الأكل من مختلف البلاد متوفر
  • HR
    المحشي رائع جداً تجربة ممتازة من ساج واي
  • WA
    good food and nice prices
  • HM
    أفضل أكل سعودي في المكان
  • مكاني المفضل
  • RA
    i ordered Pasta and it was very delicious
  • SH
    الأرز بالخضار الطازج كان ممتاز
  • AM
    great service, great food
  • DM
    الخدمة والأكل ممتازين
  • they serve adorable molokhia chicken
  • LM
    احلى سمك مشوي من ساج واي
  • DR
    they have a very delicious kabsa saudi
  • HM
    الأكل اللبناني كان في منمنتهى الروعة
  • MH
    Nice place to eat with amazing decor
  • الخدمة ممتازة والمكان يستاهل التجربة
  • HN
    Cozy place and the food is very delicious
  • MA
    الأكل كتير حلو أستمتعت جداً
  • LS
    Excellent environment i like the place
  • HM
    i love the place very comfy and the food is very tasty
  • MM
    الخدمة ممتازة والأكل رائع
  • MH
    the food is very delicious specially the beef strokanov
  • AB
    مكان مريح جداً وعندهم أكل متنوع من كل البلاد
  • Rm
    حبيت السمك جداً كان حلو كتير
  • Hm
    cozy place and i like their molokhia chicken
  • KM
    الأكل اللبناني أكثر من رائع
  • ME
    my favorite plate is muskhan they do it perfectly
  • PA
    أفضل مطعم مشاوي أستمتعت كتير
  • LH
    they have the best kabsa saudi i love it
  • can't resist the shish tawok special sandwich. It is the best in UAE. Keep it up Bassam.
  • Authentic Lebanese food. Highly recommended as they keep focusing on the quality.
  • BA
    Best Lebanese restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Keeping with the tradition and quality. I hope Sajway stay the same and not follow other restaurants were the quality drop with time.
  • RA
    Had the best mashawi @ Sajway yesterday and was treated with the best Turkish Coffee! Amazing restaurant with a homey & cozy feeling :)


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