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38, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre, Dubai, Dubai, UAE
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yuetabar markaz ruial samayil litab watajmil al'asnan bi'iishraf alduktur muhamad eali alsulayman thamarat juhud eilmiat waeamaliat wakhibrat mukathafat tahdif 'iilaa taqdim khadamat ealajiat watajmiliat mutamayizat ealaa mustawaa al'asnan walwajh walfukiyn eind alkibar walsaghari. ytm dhlk wfq 'ahdath alturuq alealajiat alealamiat wakhar ma tawasalat 'iilayh taknulujia tba al'asnan fi aleasr alhadithi. yatabie almarkaz 'uslub eamal taeawuni tashawuri takamuliin min khilal fariq min 'atubaa' watabibat. yastafid klu maryd min khibrat wamaharat 'akthar min tabib bian wahid wdhlk bd'aan min aistiqbal almarid wadarasat. Show more 468/5000 The Royal Smile Dental and Cosmetic Center under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Ali Al Sulaiman is the result of extensive scientific and practical efforts and expertise aimed at providing distinguished treatment and cosmetic services at the level of teeth, face and jaws in adults and children. This is done according to the latest international methods of treatment and the latest findings of dental technology in the modern era. The Center adopts an integrated, consultative and collaborative approach to working with a team of male and female doctors. Each patient benefits from the experience and skill of more than one doctor at the same time, starting with the patient’s reception and study.



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