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Furniture, Furniture Design, Aluminum, Steel, Doors, Wardrobe, Windows Factory

Pure Italian, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi City, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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About Pure Italian

Pure Italian Carpentry Work is a custom handmade furniture company established in 1994, specialized in custom made furniture in Abu Dhabi. We are dedicated to provide high quality furniture and a wide range of customized home decor. Our goal is to deliver the furniture of your dreams, all the way from the design, project management, contracting till execution. We offer our customers a broad range of services which fulfill their requirements. Pure Italian has 4 factories specialized in different areas: Aluminum Factory, Steel factory, Doors and Wardrobe Factory, and Furniture Factory. We recruited few of the most highly skilled architects, engineers and technicians to provide our esteemed clients a high-quality collection of the most stylish interior design in the following areas: ❖ Ceiling Decor ❖ Curtain ❖ Modern Sofa ❖ Classic Sofa ❖ Moroccan Sofa ❖ Classic Moulding ❖ Door Designs ❖ Dinning Table ❖ Tea Table ❖ Sliding Cupboard ❖ TV Unite ❖ Wooden Kitchen ❖ Aluminum Kitchen ❖ Bed Room ❖ Kids Bed Room ❖ Cabinet under Stairs ❖ Folding Doors ❖ Wall Decor ❖ Cabinet for Books ❖ Wooden Shelves ❖ Sliding Wooden Door Location: UAE, Abudhabi, Mussafah - M26


  • KM
    من اجود التصميم الموجودة في الامارات. خدمة وتصاميم من احسن المهندسين الي تعاملت معاهم، يفهمون ذوقك وستايلك. شكر خاص لافضل تاقم عمل.
  • HA
    صممت طقم المجلس للفيلا من عند بيور ايطاليان. وايد حبيت التصاميم والاشراف العام من المهندسين. والقماش والخشب الي يستخدمونه مايخترب. توني متعاقدة معاهم لتصميم ابواب البيت و المشربيات
  • RA
    غرف النوم جديدة ومتنوعة ذو أخشاب متينة سعيدة جداً بشرائها من هذا المكان المميز
  • RA
    جودة الستائر ممتازة وخامتها رائعة جداً وألوانها جديدة ومختلفة
  • LL
    Wonderful product also best value for money and great staff i bought a very comfy sofa and the fabric is very amazing and the pattern of it is new.
  • OA
    لديهم مجموعة جيدة من الأثاث منها المودرن والكلاسيك أذواقة تناسب الكل وتجربتي ممتازة معهم في الأثاث
  • Nk
    Very impressed great prices, product and service they have a helpful sales staff that helped us when we approached them with any questions we had.
  • LH
    خشب الأبواب ممتاز من الخشب الصلب بأسعار ممتازة وجودة جيدة جداً
  • MS
    Pleased with the table what i bought the wood is heavy and the size is perfect very happy with these table.
  • MM
    The furniture is very elegant and classy they have good quality product and unique furniture the sofa is really comfy i love it very much.
  • HA
    الأثاث راقي جداً بداية من الخشب والخامة حتي الشكل متألقين ومختلفين عم حس أن ما حدا يملك مثل هاد الاشياء
  • OH
    The decorative mirrors adds an amazing touch in the decore of my house, they did the design exactly as we discussed and it delivered on time.
  • Mm
    وحدة التلفاز عملية جدا وعصرية وبجودة عالية اضافت مظهر جميل لغرفة جلوسي, شكرا جدا
  • MM
    They have the best high-quality semi solid wooden doors! with luxurious designes and stain.
  • As
    They custom made curtains with high quality and elegant fabrics. The designs and materials also are amazing, I just love it all!
  • Km
    مطابخ بيور ايطالين تصاميم عصرية ورائعة وخدمة ممتازة واعلى جودة, شكرا بيور ايطاليان على المطبخ الرائع
  • mh
    .اعمال الستيل والالومنيوم لديهم اكثر من رائعة وثابتة, التوصيل والتركيب يتمون في الوقت المتفق عليه شكرا بيور ايطالين
  • MM
    The wooden bookshelf helped me alot to arrange my books and also gave an amazing decoration to the room, aslo the price is nothing comparing to the high quality of the materials.
  • MO
    I custom made a white dinning table it's very comfortable whether the table or chairs the quality of wood is very good and also the paint is great, the fabric is also elegant which makes it fabulous.
  • AW
    Fantastic service, and exceptional quality. Superb custom furniture at reasonable price. Helpful and friendly staff. Had a great overall experience. Would recommend to friends and family.
  • MK
    Superb Products!
  • AE
    المكان الامثل للحصول على بيت الاحلام


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