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NAK Electrical Equipment Repairing


General Maintenance

85, 4 C Street, Dubai, Dubai, UAE
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About NAK Electrical Equipment Repairing

Air Conditioner , Ac , Split Air Conditioner , Window Air Conditioning Unit , Central Ac , Duct Type Air Conditioner Fridge Freezer , Refrigerator , Display Chiller , Chest Freezer Deep Freezer , Washing Machine Dryer , Dryer Machine , Dishwasher , Gas and Electric Cooking Range Stove , Microwave Oven Service Repair Maintenance Cleaning Installation Fixing Repairing Servicing and Parts Fixing in Dubai. All Kinds All Brands All Models LED TV , LCD TV , Amplifier , Sound System , Speakers , Stereo System , DVD Player , UPS , Power Supply , AC – DC Power Supply , Mobile Laptop Adapter Charger , Control Panel PCB Electronic Mother Board , Service Repairing Maintenance Installation and Parts Fixing Work Dubai.


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