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King Faisal Street, Al Qasimia, Sharjah, Sharjah & N. Emirates, UAE
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About Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centers

Medcare Hospitals & medical centres are owned by a consortium of Medical and non-medical investors and are managed by EuroHealth Systems FZ LLC, the consultancy division of Dr Moopen’s Healthcare Management Services group, operating in Dubai, Sharjah and neighbouring countries for the last 20 years. Medcare will continue to build on its talent, expertise and commitments, constantly seeking new opportunities to provide innovative services.


Sharjah & N. Emirates


  • LS
    I had a major issue with my hair loss. It was falling off very and it was getting damaged very quickly. They recommended PRP treatment for me. I had no idea what the treatment is but after my consultation with the Dr. i became an expert on what it does, how it works and the session steps. Super easy and quick my hair is my healthier now
  • Rm
    I used to Live in Sharjah before moving to Dubai, during my moving I was already going to the Medical Center in Tawuun street to do my laser hair removal sessions. But after i moved to Dubai i found it really difficult to travel back and forth for my laser sessions. But thankfully i live in Al Barsha and now i am doing my new sessions there. The experience and the level of expertises at both locations are no different, it's like i was doing my session in Sharjah. It's such a great environment!
  • LF
    Medcare is literally at every corner in Dubai. I live in Motor City and there is a clinic right next to my house. I love their professionalism and their treatment
  • RK
    I highly recommend this center to everyone who wants a trustworthy place to do a facial or a dental treatment
  • HA
    من أرقى المراكز الطبية في الإمارات, بجد خدمة ممتازة وعلاجات فعالة وسعيدة بتعاملي معهم
  • NM
    انا فعلا ما كنت متوقعة هذه النتيجة الروعة لكن بعد علاج حقن البلازما ونتيجته على شعري بنصح جميع السيدات بتجربة هذا العلاج في مركز ميدكير
  • MN
    Great service from such an amazing doctors! I achieved great results after the treatment and every one notice the difference
  • FS
    شكراً على اهتمامكم فيني ورعايتكم إلي عن جد مركز كتيير محترم وخدمة رائعة
  • OA
    من أفضل المراكز الموجوة بالإمارات وعلاجات البشرة رائعة ومتنوعة
  • LR
    The facial peel treatment made my skin softer and brightener than before, the doctors are really professional and know what exactly they are doing. Love my experience there.
  • MA
    My first destination whenever I had a toothache, they always help
  • AN
    Thanks for being in UAE! the best dental clinics, the doctors are highly qualified and the service is amazing
  • SA
    أفضل مركز يستخدم أجهزة ليزر لأزالة الشعر بدون آلام والأطباء ممتازين, استمتعت واستفدت كتيير بتجربتي معاهم. شكراً مركز ميدكير
  • LM
    I love medcare so much i tried laser hair face removal and it was excellent
  • ZM
    من أفضل العيادات الطبية في الأسنان
  • AS
    خدماتهم رائعة جداً يهتمون بصحتك وصحة جنينك من خلال الفحصات الشاملة
  • MA
    I love that place and the doctor also are very kind
  • AS
    الأطباء ممتازين جداً في عمل الفحوصات الشاملة
  • HG
    من أفضل عيادات تنظيف الأسنان والمعدات نظيفة ومعقمة دائماً ويفحص الدكتور الفم بالكامل
  • HA
    the general health checkup is very good with affordable price
  • km
    i love pregnancy care in medcare they have professional doctors who examine you perfectly
  • DH
    أفضل مكان لأزالة شعر الوجه بالليزر بأحدث أجهزة الليزر
  • LM
    excellent quality of health care and services
  • MM
    Love Medcare and their quality Services...
  • JC
    Amazing! I am always impressed visiting Medcare in Dubai with particular care and focus on details when it comes to healthcare.
  • One the best hospitals in UAE. A blessing of UAE is the advanced health care services and Medcare is a leader in that.


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