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Dubai Health Care City, Ibn Sina Building, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai, Dubai, UAE
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About Laser Eye Care & Research Center

LERC launched its facility in 2005 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates under the supervision of Dr. Anwar Sajwani. LERC is one of the finest devoted Day Care Surgical Facilities in UAE. LERC is highly equipped with the most recent medical equipment which uses the best technology ever invented. Why Laser Eye Care? 1-Most Experienced Eye Center in Dubai. 2-Manged By Experienced Team- Dr. Anwar Sajwani Retina Consultant Since 1981 &highly qualified Eye Specialists. 3- Awarded By Sh.Mohamed Bin Rashed as Best Health Project and Al Tomooh Project Award in 2000 4-Using Advanced German Types of equipment Including Femto Smile By ZEISS. 5-Operates in DHCC with the achievement of 99% ISQua international Standards for quality in Health. 2018 Ministry of Health Registration No: IM32385-27/05/201



  • JH
    Overall experience was good
  • It was awesome and the treatment was very well done with the most humble and nice people
  • JW
    Thank you Dr. Ahmed El Sawaf and Laser Eye Care Center Laser Eye Care & Research Center and to the rest of the team who are so genuinely friendly and accommodating, keeping us secured from check-ups, tests until the surgery. You guys did a very good job! Truly a life changing, for a person who wears eyeglasses since high school days! Thank you and cheers to more successful surgery in the future. God bless!
  • EB
    Excellent staff, really professional service
  • BA
    كنت كتير خايفة بس ما كان في داعي للخوف
  • MM
    تجربة مميزه وأكيد راح أنصح بيكم دائمًا
  • SM
    العلاجات عبقرية وفعُاله جدًا الحقيقة مشكورين على مجهودكم
  • BA
    A very efficient and professional team. Did my eye check up and surgery on the same day. Voila! No glasses and 90% clear vision the next morning. The remaining 10% in a week time...given the advise by doctor that optimum effects observed in about a week time
  • TS
    مريحين جدًا في التعامل حقيقه
  • SC
    Great treatments, i am absolutely amazed!
  • PS
    I've never thought i would see the results that clear!
  • SN
    To be honest wasn't expecting it to be that good
  • RA
    Excellent staff, very kind and they listen to your issues.
  • MM
    Everything looks different now because of you guys thank you so much
  • LS
    The service is really good i don't regret it at all
  • Mw
    خبرة عالية وجودة خدمة أكثر من ممتازه
  • RM
    ما كنت أتخبل انه النتبجه بتكون بهالوضوح مشكورين كتيير شباب
  • OH
    كنت متوتر جدًا حقيقه بس النتيجه مبهرة
  • RM
    Gratitude can't be expressed in words. The service from appointment, to surgery, to follow up was brilliant and professional. They are great every step of the way and the price definitely also helps!!
  • MA
    .أنتم من أفضل المراكز العلاجية للعيون فى دبى شكراً جزيلاً لكم على هذة التجربة العلاجية الرائعة
  • SR
    Thank you! Amazing Treatment and amazing doctors.
  • RT
    .الله يوفقكم و الله أحسن معاملة و أحسن مجموعة طبية بدبى شكراً جداً على كل شى
  • MD
    Dr Meyer thank you so much for everything, it was a turning point in my life! This is the best eye care treatment i have got.
  • LW
    Laser Eye Care is one of the amazing eye care centers I've been too, I have got to get a very professional treatment in addition to their amazingly nice doctors and nurses.
  • MR
    .جد يسلموا على هى المعاملة الراقية من أحسن المراكز الدشيتها بحياتى
  • ZR
    One of the best Eye care centers in UAE, Thank you for the great treatment.
  • LT
    Thank You for this amazing treatment I had an eye check-up and I had perfect service.
  • JW
    .شكراً الكم جد خدمة ممتازة!سويت عملية زرع قرنية لأمى و بفضل الله و فضلكم صارت بألف خير
  • AM
    !تجربة هائلة ما كنت راح صدق اذا حد كان قالى راح تصير تشوف بلا نظارة و كمان ما راح تتعب بعد العملية شكراً لكم أنتم من أفضل مراكز العيون بدبى
  • Thank you Dr. Ahmed for the life changing treatment!
  • Surreal results, my vision has never been more clear!
  • TM
    Thank you LERC team! The Femto Smile truly transformed my life
  • NA
    Amazing feeling to wake up everyday with a clear vision & more focused view. Thank you LERC!


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