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Cleaning Services in Dubai | Part Time Maids | Furniture Cleaning

9, 27 B Street, Dubai, Dubai, UAE
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About Janitpro Cleaning Services

JanitPro is a branch of Veejay (Goa) Technical Services. The parent company Veejay facility Management Pvt Ltd has two decades of experience in providing housekeeping and technical services for building maintenace in Western India. Our Indian firm is headquartered at the tourist hotspot Goa (India). Our partners include large government offices, government organisede national/international games & evwents. We also service private establishments, large offices & banks, factories, pharmecuticals, hotels and other requirements in hospitality sector. Residential services are customised to cater to the customers needs. With a our team of well-experienced and trained professionals, we work for you - as support partners right from keeping your new/renovated building clean to managing its daily for keeping the premise running. Janitpro's mission is to provide the best integrated cleaning services to our customers. We assure this at the most competitive prices. Being a family owned company with nearly two decades of professional cleaning experience, we work as one big family who know the finer nuances of cleaning. We use this knowledge for utmost customer satisfaction – for the largest retailer to the smallest customer who seeks our service.


  • SM
    have been dealing with them for a long time & never had an issue, really good maids
  • BA
    Excellent maids, excellent service


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