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104, Mayfair Building, Dubai investment park-1, Dubai, Dubai, Dubai, UAE
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FUTURE WAY SHIPPING is a globally recognized logistics company since 2012, for imparting excellent services in House hold goods & personal effects shipments, logistics services, all type of commercial shipments, Freight forwarding, Exhibition & World wide Door to Door service.Future way ensure that the shipment and storage of personal belongings are handled professionally and carefully.we are able to provide you the most excellent and professional service for your shipments since our company has qualified and experienced staff who are well versed and carry tremendous knowledge in the field of packing and relocation.


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    A ROBBERY FUTURE WAY SHIPPING is now closed but many customers have been defrauded by thieves : Those thieves are the company Managers who took their money without respecting the commitments of the contract they have signed on both sides They simply took their money for door to door service and never arranged the transportation of their personnal effects to final destination Just LOOk at the most RECENT OTHER REVIEWS, customer are telling the same story They should be prosecuted as theft is punished by Emirates law


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