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Abu Dhabi, Mussafah Community, Abu Dhabi City, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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About Fresh Plate

Fresh plate is a brilliant new food concept, where we deliver all fresh ingredients and provide you with a step by step instruction recipe of how to cook your favorite meals, without any hustle (no grocery shopping) even without having a cooking experience, because everything carefully planned, locally sourced, pre-measured and delivered to your door

Abu Dhabi


  • MD
    if you wanna have a fresh, healthy food i recommend you this place ,, i always have lunch there with my friends
  • SN
    great dinning options and very nice people
  • LT
    highly recommended
  • AF
    i had my lunch there last monday and it was really delicious
  • JK
    i spent such a great morning there having my breakfast...keep it up
  • NA
    relaxing atmosphere and delicious food
  • SC
    loved the food and everything there ..amazing place
  • JH
    me and my kids had a great time and delicious food last weekend ..thank you
  • JH
    loved that the food was healthy and also delicious at the same time
  • MM
    food is so good and fresh and also their service is great


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