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Local Shipping, Door to door, Overseas Shipping, AC storage, Car Shipping Overseas, Custom Clearance

Musaffah - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates, ICAD 2, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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About Diamond House Shipping Movers

Diamond movers is considered to be the best company based in Abu Dhabi that provides shipping and moving services. It has been serving in this field for more than 10 years. Our experience makes us the leading shipping and moving company in UAE. We provide you with the best service ever to make sure that we match your needs. Our customers' satisfaction is our main concern, as we can achieve more success by gaining their trust. Our aim is to work differently as well as working hard to fulfill every customer's desire leaving a smile on their face. We offer a wide range of shipments with affordable prices in UAE such as local shipping, door to door shipping, overseas shipping, AC storage, car shipping overseas and custom clearance. Diamond movers has professional team of movers who take much care of your stuff. Our responsibility is to deliver each item safely. Moreover, we take care of your belongings from tiny things to the huge ones. You can stay cool and stress-free while we move your things smoothly to your other place. Never feel worry with Diamond movers as we have the best team of movers in UAE. Our team is qualified, well trained, trustworthy and professional. Moving items is a great responsibility whether you move a bag or a car. So, you have to choose a shipping company that you can trust. Diamond movers already attracted numerous nationalities around UAE by providing them with the best moving and shipping services. We are the most trustworthy, reliable and professional movers in UAE. What differentiate us from our competitors is: - Our speed - Moving items without even a small scratch - Affordable prices - Reliability - Comfortability - Honesty For more information, please reach us at: Location: Musaffah M2, Abu Dhabi


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Abu Dhabi


  • ZA
    شكرا جدا على النقل السريع والأهتمام بالأثاث والأنتيكات بجد شركة نقل محتريفة والحاجة وصلت في الوقت المتفق عليه
  • SM
    I moved my bedroom from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and they made it very easy
  • MM
    The service is super! they packed everything in no time
  • AM
    التعامل معهم مريح وخدمة العملاء ممتازة نقل جميع اثاث البيت كان سهل وكل حاجة وصلت في معادها
  • IH
    من احسن شريكات النقل في ابوظبي سعيد جداً بالتعامل معهم وبسرعتهم واهتممهم
  • MY
    I highly recommend it for everyone wants to move his items with high level of caring
  • RA
    قاموا بمساعدتي في نقل اثاث منزلي بالكامل من ابوظبي للشارقة بسرعة وسهولة
  • AH
    الخدمة فعلاً ممتازة والنقل سريع جدا وبيحفظوا على الحاجة وبيهتموا انها توصل بدون اي خسائر
  • MM
    they are professional in a way that they know how to deal with every single piece and pack it very well
  • EA
    I moved my living room and they came just in time without any damages!
  • RM
    شكراً لسرعة النقل وتعاملكم مع العملاء من أفضل شركات الشحن في أبوظبي
  • DT
    ينقلون الأشياء بعناية ودقة ويهتمون بعدم خسارة أي شيء
  • OM
    they packed the antiques in a perfect way not to be broken and moved the living room from abu dhabi to dubai fast
  • LM
    i moved my kitchen in short time with out any delay, thank you
  • NS
    they respect the time, we pleased to have you in abu dhabi
  • AM
    خدمة العملاء ممتازة قمت بنقل أثاث منزلي من أبوظبي إلي دبي بكل سهلة
  • Rm
    best customer service and helped me in moving the living room from abu dhabi to lebanon
  • AR
    ساعدوني كثيراً في نقل غرفتين بكل سهولة
  • HA
    من أفضل شركات الشحن في التعامل والنقل بدون أي خساير خلال النقل
  • LH
    The fastest shipping company
  • BA
    We were in need of a quick Move. The Staff at Diamond Movers were responsive, quick and polite. They were able to do the move without any hassle. Would use them again if needed and would recommend them.
  • MK
    Helped in moving my apartment furniture from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. Great service. highly recommended.
  • Fast moving service. Good to have you in Abu Dhabi!
  • JK
    Great service from diamond movers. They helped move our 3 bedroom villa from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and we like the care in packing all the pieces of small furniture and fragile items


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