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Al Yasat Tower - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates, Electra, Abu Dhabi City, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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About Clear Horizon Cleaning Services

Founded in 2013 Clear Horizon is specialized in cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. Our well trained, professional, experienced and trustworthy team members guarantee that they will leave your place sparkling clean. We provide part-time professional maids for houses, offices, schools & other institutions on hourly basis (Daily, Weekly or Monthly).

Abu Dhabi

  • RE
    Thank you for the excellent services, cleaning is not an easy job, but your professional stuff make it smooth in performing their tasks. Thank you
  • US
    اولاً هم وصلوا الساعه 12 و مشيوا بدون ما يخلصو اشي كتير بالبيت و انا اعرف الساعه ب 27 درهم يعني 480 اجمالي ما مشو غير ما أخدوا 600 درهم
  • NS
    مافي عليهم كلام
  • سس
    خدمة ممتازة
  • H
    They were perfect.
  • MC
    The girl was really good but they were too late
  • SA
    الخدمة جيده لكن بطيئة
  • MV
    They were delayed so much
  • SD
    they are professional and helpful and the customer service is pretty good ☺️☺️
  • SA
  • LE
    Very good service, Thanks.
  • LM
  • SS
    Ather is extremely helpful and supportive Jeorgie is excellent when it comes to cleaning and baby sitting
  • SF
    Satisfied 😊
  • H
    Nanny was brilliant! My kids loved her and definitely going to request their services again. Highly recommended!
  • MH
    First time used their services and it's to be on going! Amazing quality, maids are really good and they cleaned the place just as I expected. Thanks a million.
  • T
    Great service provided. Thank you!
  • AA
    Good service
  • GH
    Everything was great! The babysitter is lovely and my 5 year old daughter got on with her so well. I am really happy overall!
  • AA
    Ms Jocelyn was amazing person, good at her job will definitely book again, but my experience is not good, my original booking was at 2pm i got called last minute saying they couldn’t make it so they change it to 4pm , them i reduce the hours. Jocelyn came and she didnt knew anything to clean or to baby site , company did not give her handover of what to do !!!! I made booking a week ago and called to make sure i have babysitter but no one knew of this !!!!!!
  • HA
    The girl is very good, actually i'll book her for a contract
  • JO
    Very satisfied.
  • AM
    The girl is very nice and she cleans really well!
  • SM
    The girl was very good and very professional, what an amazing service!
  • AA
    very excellent services
  • HK
  • SM
    They promised to provide a full package (deep house cleaning) for low price within 5 hours but the ladies didnt do their duty very well so I told them and asked them to have a recleaning to make it up but they wanted me to take the same package but half the price . I wanted only 2 hours so they asked for the same rate per hour!!! though it should be free! for they didnt provide us the service they promised! in they they agree on half the price per hour. but it happened that my friend was not home at the time they came so they unfortunately have waited an hour. so the receptionist said that we will have to pay though the original rate per hour because an hour was wasted like that and they cant make the 2 ladies clean for 2 hours. AND also they did not do their job well!!
  • Os
    The lady was excellent and she had done an amazing job, many thanks to her.
  • jS
    The girls that came the last time were better.
  • Ya
    The service was very bad, they didn't work fine.
  • Ma
    I was happy but the cleaning was not as expected.
  • AM
    service was excellent. she only took 1 hour
  • FA
    The service was bad. they stayed for less than the 2 hours, and they didn't clean very well.
  • As
    Cleaner was very friendly but the one thing I asked her to do was to make sure she clean under the bed just to discover after she left that it’s still full of dust and somethings are kicked underneath it. Obviously there was no attempt to even try to hide and that was very disappointing.
  • ND
    The service was okay
  • FM
    The girl Josy was more than excellent, very professional and did everything as it should be done and better. I would definitely recommend them.
  • AR
    very good
  • HN
    صديقتي رشحتهم لي و انا سعيدة جدا بخدمتهم. افضل خادمات
  • NS
    خدمة مرضية
  • AA
    الاسعار رائعة و الخادمات قادرين علي تادية جميع اغراض المنزل
  • AA
    العاملين محترمين و الخدمة ممتازة
  • AN
    I’ve been a frequent customer now because of reliable and cheap cleaning services with such trained staff
  • MN
    I can pay attention to family and kids with their affordable and all time available maid services
  • LR
    Trained maids for quick household work
  • MG
    I have work-free Fridays now
  • JA
    Anytime available efficient maids


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