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Storat is a renowned platform for buying, selling and renting properties in UAE. We are known for offering a wide selection of residential and commercial properties in UAE. Here at Storat, we receive new listings by various sellers across UAE. Buying and Selling is easier at Storat! We have made it simpler for the users to navigate through properties across UAE and find their choice. We work to satisfy both an agent/seller posting to sell a property and a buyer who is looking for a new home. We receive listings from across UAE which are scrutinized to ensure quality services from us.

Your Needs- Our Consideration

We provide you with highest quality property listings in UAE. You can navigate through the properties ranging from luxurious ( Villas for rent in Dubai) to modest ( Flat for rent in Abu Dhabi). Being an innovative and trustworthy marketplace, we assure to keep you updated about the properties in your range or specified location for a better choice. We provide you with different filter options to find a home in your desired location with all the amenities at lower prices. Filter your location and buy, sell or rent a property now!

Get a Property through Direct Contact with Sellers

Storat helps you save money, efforts and time! We help you to find your desired property across UAE directly through an online media. You can finalize, contact and rent/buy a property easily through We enable you to contact the sellers directly which saves your money, No broker- No extra expenditure! For a secure and safe experience, we also provide you with properties listed by top real estate agents. You can easily rely on us for a secure, affordable and quality experience. If you wish to sell your property, you can directly post an ad related to the same on