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Senior citizens have their own set of unique requirements. It may include health care or even assistance in everyday activities at their own home or care centers. The elderly care centers in UAE have full time attendants to look after all those needs. So if you have elders in the family and can not take full time care of them, you might want to consider this option. Dubai and Abu Dhabi has specialized medical centers which are dedicated towards reducing everyday struggles of senior citizens and help them lead a dignified life.

When we refer to a home for elderly, it can be further classified into several sections. From home care to nursing homes and daycare, you can select the option best suited for your elderly. You can easily find the list of old age homes in your area on Storat.

Nursing Homes For Elderly in UAE

You can easily find nursing homes in UAE for elderly which are also closer to your home with the help of Storat. Nursing homes in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi provide 24 hour care to senior citizens. Generally such a care is chosen for people suffering from chronic illnesses, injury or surgery and when there is no one to assist them. These homes have professionals as who work as full-time caregivers, including doctors, nurses, housekeepers, administrator staff and recreational staff.

Home Care in UAE

If you do not want to leave your elders in a care center away from you then you can choose a home care facility facility instead. There are a number of care centers in UAE which provide this service at by sending their staff for assisted living and help out elderly. The caregiver helps out in daily routine from bathing, dressing, cooking, accompanying the elders to doctors and other routine tasks which they might not be able to carry out on their own. The medical centres and clinics in Abu Dhabi refer such a care as an unskilled or custodial care.

If you want a more skilled care then you can choose home health care where a skilled person is appointed to assist the senior citizen. As the caregiver is medically trained, all the health related requirements of elderly are also taken care of efficiently.

Adult Day Care in UAE

These kind of care centers in Emirates offer assistance to older people during the day. There are three types of adult day care - social, medical and specialized.

Social day care centers refer to home for elderly where they provide recreational activities, meals and health services, to some extend. Medical care centers, on the other hand, house trained medical staff who can provide assistance to older people and monitor their health. Specialized care centers deal with special care required for diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's.

Based on your requirements, you can opt for the top elderly care centers in UAE which provide the best of care. With Storat, you can easily get in touch with such nearest care center.