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Dubai Laser Hair Removal

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i was confused about which center to choose and thank God i've chosen this one ,,such professional ...
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مكان أكتر من رائع ...
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One of the best places that you can ever visit, staff are clean and friendly 10/10...
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The lady how did the mesotherapy she is really professional and so kind , so many thanks for her I w...
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Laser Hair Removal in Dubai

The use of laser for medical and cosmetic purposes has become common in recent years, and with its effective and guaranteed results, the demand has increased by many people around the world. Laser hair removal is one of the cosmetic procedures favored by many women and men as an ideal alternative to traditional methods used since ancient times. Not only does laser hair removal technology help in removing hair from the roots, but it also gives permanent results that prevent hair growth in the future. Shaving or waxing every four days is genuinely boring. You can get the unwanted hair removed permanently and never have to worry about reaching a waxing appointment on time. You will need one to three sessions depending on the hair growth and thickness.                                   

Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal for women is an ideal effective solution and alternative to many traditional methods, giving them the best lasting results from different regions of the body irreversibly. We will discuss how to remove hair using laser, identify the causes of hair growth and the best solution to help remove hair without pain. Not only that, but laser hair removal for men has also become a process that many people accept.


Best Laser hair removal sessions in Dubai

The number of sessions required depends on the area being treated, hair quality, skin color and quality, and hair density. However, the majority of patients need to hold seven sessions as the average number of sessions, with each session lasting 6 weeks. Bikini area is one of the most areas that need sessions, while the dark hair on the skin is white is the easiest treatment, and the dates must be separated between all sessions at least three weeks, as the hair may appear after two weeks, but quickly falls.                                                           

Laser Hair Removal Deals in Dubai

Storat offers regularly offer discounts and coupons that you can redeem when you pay for laser Hair Removal in Dubai. For best results, customize the search to your area. You need to remember three things while searching:
1. The amount of discount offered by the clinic.
2. Check the price after the discount.
3. Claim the special discount or voucher

If you are looking for laser hair removal dubai promotions and deals with up to 60% discount on session prices. This page list the best medical centers, hospitals and clinics in Dubai running current promotions and discount offers for this popular treatment.Find the best specialists, clinics and medical centers near you. Booking waxing appointments once or twice a month can be really tiring and time-consuming. Now you have a better way to get rid of unwanted body hair and that’s through laser hair removal in dubai. Moreover, such laser treatments are considered to be the best permanent solution for controlling and removing hair growth. As laser hair removal is carried out by expert dermatologists, you don’t need to worry about any side effects. There are a number of licensed dermatology clinics in Dubai. You can find your nearest ones and get their exclusive offer prices and reviews on Storat and  you can also check laser hair removal promotions in Abu Dhabi city. 

Removing unwanted body hair has always been on people’s monthly to-do lists. But now you don’t have to experience the pain caused by waxing treatments. You can also ditch those razors, tweezers and do-it-yourself hair removal creams. There are a number of topmost cosmetology clinics with qualified dermatologists in Dubai and other Emirates who provide all types of laser hair reduction solutions.

Laser hair removal directly targets hair follicles. The light coming out of the laser beam destroys the target area’s hair effectively. The treatment is long lasting too. There is a possibility of hair regrowth but that period is prolonged to a great extent.

If you are concerned about the safety of undergoing such treatments then you can leave all your worries behind. With 20 years of research, laser technique for eliminating hair growth became certified in the mid 90s. Thereafter, it was declared completely safe provided the procedure is done only by the experts.

Ruby laser

Hair removal treatment with Ruby laser works best for people with fair or light skin tone and darker hair. It is, in fact, the oldest and the first approved laser treatment for hair removal. Long-term hair removal can be achieved with Ruby lasers and future hair regrowth is also thinner.

Ruby laser treatment is considered to be the least painful as it has a built-in cooling system that soothes the skin. Moreover, there is a gap of two seconds between laser pulses throughout the session. Both of these facts together contribute to reducing potential pain and burns. However, the flip side is that Ruby laser’s repetition rate is slower compared to other laser types which increases its session duration considerably. Its spot size is low which means that it can only treat a relatively smaller skin surface at a time.

Alexandrite laser

Alexandrite laser is an ideal choice when it comes to hair removal on larger parts of the body. The laser can be used on variety of skin tones - from white to olive. White skinned people benefit the most with such laser treatments while it’s not recommended for dark-skinned people.

It even works with thinner hair growth which is why it is widely popular. The treatment area capacity of an Alexandrite laser is larger and repetition rate is also higher. This makes it the fastest laser for hair removal. However, this rapidity makes it a comparatively painful treatment.

Diode laser

The wavelength of a Diode laser is 800-810 nm which allows for deeper skin penetration in safer manner. The great part is that its wavelength can be adjusted during the session. Diode lasers are considered effective even on thicker hair growth such as bikini area. It also works efficiently on larger area such as the back.

This type of laser works on all skin types including darker skin tones. The recovery time frame post such treatment is also quicker. As this method is relatively new, there has been a little research on its long-term effects.

Nd:YAG laser

Nd:YAG lasers are considered safe to use on all skin types. But people with tanned or darker skin tone tend to benefit the most from it. Like Diode laser, it also provides deep skin penetration with a wavelength of 1064 nm. It can also be tuned to 532 nm to target finer surface hair but there are no proven results of the same as of yet.

The repetition rate of this laser is higher and it can also cover large body areas. This rapid nature of Nd:YAG laser makes it comparatively painful treatment. One of the benefits is that it significantly delays hair regrowth in the treated areas for short term.

Other than these laser treatments, you can also look for facial treatments in Dubai and plastic surgery in Dubai on Storat.

Are you too busy for that monthly waxing appointment at the parlour and looking for a permanent solution for unwanted hair growth? If yes then, you should definitely choose laser hair removal treatment. There are numerous dermatology and cosmetology centers offering laser hair removal in Dubai - UAE. In fact, all these medical centers located across the Dubai provide laser hair removal treatment using the latest technology without damaging your skin; so you get rid of the unwanted hair and get a smoother skin as well at an affordable price. It is one of the most commonly used treatment for permanent hair removal in Emirates and across the world.

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