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The availability of diversified jobs in UAE has made it a popular option among freshers as well as experienced professionals. Companies are willing to hire the right talent from across the world. That is why people seeking successful career graph are turning towards gulf jobs. Dubai jobs salary is another attraction that drives people to shift bases to this beautiful emirate. After all, the higher pay package lets them fulfill their dream of leading an upscale lifestyle.

If you are looking for job opportunities in Dubai, then you can find all the relevant jobs in Dubai for freshers and experienced in various fields here on Storat.

Human resources

Human resources has become a preferred choice among today’s youth. As a human resources professional, one is responsible for managing the culture of the organization. The role includes hiring new employees for the company, managing employee payrolls and incentives, resolve conflicts, conduct employee training and development.

The job profile seems exciting enough apart from being at the core of organization’s success. So if you hold a degree in HR then there are ample sales jobs in Dubai, there are variety of job roles available in this field such as customer service representative, retail merchandiser, buyer, logistics coordinator, store or department manager and product or service promoter.


An accounting career till now is considered to be one of the safest career options that pays well too. Each and every organization requires an accounts executive to manage the organization’s funds and profits. It does not matter whether you are a fresher or an experienced accounting professional, there are many accountancy jobs in Dubai that can suit your qualifications.

Accounting field offers diverse opportunities as well. There are enough demands for traditional bookkeeping clerks, accounts assistants and finance managers to the more specialized roles such as chartered accountants, auditors, credit controllers, tax and cost accountants.

Marketing, advertising and PR

Advertising focuses on creating advertisements on different media platforms including print and digital; while marketing concentrates more on promoting the company or its products and services. On the other hand, a public relation professional handles the public image of a company or an individual.

Marketing, advertising and PR industry as a whole deals with engaging and enhancing people’s interest in the company’s products, services and brand image. It is a dynamic sector that involves exceptional research skills to plan and devise successful campaign strategies for both an individual or a company. All the three fields require great communication skills apart from creativity. There are enough opportunities for all the three fields in Dubai with job profiles such as Public relation executive, brand strategist, marketing manager, creative assistant and copywriter.

Apart from these sectors, you can also find relevant job opportunities in computers, consulting, fitness, manufacturing and security services in Dubai and the rest of UAE.