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When it comes to rental properties, Dubai has something in store for everyone. Apart from residential spaces, there is a wide range of options out there for enthusiastic industrial property investors. From small retail spaces to huge manufacturing units, one can easily acquire their choice of property at competitive prices.

If you also want to lease industrial space in Dubai, all you need to do is browse this listing at Storat. You will be able to access all the lucrative industrial spaces and their details with a click of a button.

Warehouse spaces  

Demand for warehouse spaces hardly fades out. That’s because there are so many industries in Dubai market that regularly require adequate storage space for their goods and products. Without these warehouses, these goods will get damaged which will lead to huge financial losses for any business. That’s why there are different types of warehouse facilities available to suit different needs such as distribution, general purpose and storage warehouses.

Distribution warehouses are used to store goods in order to facilitate prompt national or international shipping. This type of warehouse usually occupies an entire or majority of the building with small internal office space. It makes loading, storage and unloading of industrial goods easier through their dedicated truck terminals and parking lots.

On the other hand, general purpose industrial warehouses in Dubai are rented with the sole aim of quality storage of durable and nondurable goods. Perishable industrial goods such as FMCG products are carefully stored in cold storage to prevent them from potential damages.

Retail spaces

Looking for retail rental property? You can choose from numerous properties meant for retail for rent in Dubai. The retail type of industrial spaces includes an adequate amount of on-site storage and display space to accommodate product selling. In fact, there is dedicated space for on-site office as well. Showrooms and stores are perfect examples of retail, industrial property such as an automobile showroom.

Research and development spaces

Most of the industries like technology and production require research and development on an ongoing basis in order to create innovative and improved products. Therefore, such industries need dedicated space to carry out such R&D tasks without any interruption. The tenants usually make modifications to these properties based on their industrial requirements. This type of industrial property accommodates storage, manufacturing as well as an office space.

Manufacturing spaces

Many of the industries are involved in the manufacturing of goods and products. That’s why there are many takers for manufacturing properties in Dubai. Industrial manufacturing spaces tend to have around 15-20% of office space while remaining is reserved for manufacturing plants.

Manufacturing properties are further divided into heavy and light manufacturing spaces. Property with heavy manufacturing space is equipped with robust equipment, three-phase electrical power, proper ventilation, loading space arrangements and water connection. On the contrary, the light manufacturing spaces are smaller and don’t require huge equipment. Moreover, these light manufacturing properties are considered to be more flexible to modify than the heavy ones.

Data center space

Industries concerned with operating data centers typically require thousands of square feet of space to carry out their operations smoothly. However, the size of such an industrial space depends upon the type of industry and its needs. Data centers have huge equipment to store important commercial data securely. The centers are also responsible for providing uninterrupted network access and cloud storage options to their clients.

Flex building space

Flex building space is a type of industrial space in Dubai that allows flexible use of the property to its industrial occupants. It can effectively combine various purposes such as manufacturing, storage, office space, research wing and retail space under one roof.

Other than these industrial spaces, you can also find all the necessary details about accommodation for rent in Dubai.