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Dolphin Sports Academy is a leading center for getting professional swimming lessons in Abu Dhabi. It is also a major sports center that offers training on different types of sports and games like swimming, gymnastics, aerobics, Zumba, water polo, karate, ballet and dance. The center was established in United Arab Emirates in 2006 with 5 branches in Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Dubai. Originally, Dolphin Sports Academy was started as a training center for aspiring swimmers and trained more than 500 swimming athletes along with numerous happy customers. The swimming lessons in Abu Dhabi that are offered here at Dolphin Sports Academy are absolutely state of the art, which is why they are loved by both amateur as well as professional swimmers. The swimming trainees started participating in numerous competitions ever since 2009 and became proud golden medalists in many cases. Dolphin Sports Academy is widely regarded as the best sports academy in Abu Dhabi by both national and international swimmers.

Here at Dolphin Academy, we have a team of professional trainers who can offer top quality adults swimming lessons in Abu Dhabi. They can also offer swimming lessons for kids in Abu Dhabi so that little boys and girls become well acquainted with various core aspects of swimming training. Our skilled experts guarantee a thorough professional learning for all swimming aspirants. From the very beginning, we have been quite keen on delivering only the best services to our customers and we take special care to ensure that everyone gets the finest training here at Dolphin Academy. Our training modules are customized to meet the specific needs of each man, woman, boy and girl. We also specialize in delivering the best baby swimming lessons in Abu Dhabi. We also make sure that our swimming pools are maintained perfectly clean and pure at all times so that swimming here is perfectly healthy.

Plenty of people wonder how to learn swimming but do not know where to get the best training. However, at Dolphin Academy, we ensure that we can present you with the best quality training to make sure that you learn everything there is to know about swimming and sharpen your skills to be an excellent swimmer. Swimming has always been regarded as an important sport that offers multifaceted benefits. It can not only give strength to a person but also vitality and vigor. We have numerous world class coaches here at Dolphin Academy that can offer a very high level of quality training. We are thoroughly committed to being helpful and attentive so that we can serve you in the best possible way. The teachers can provide with the best swimming classes in Abu Dhabi. Our teachers have extensive training along with long term experience in this industry. The teachers are thoroughly committed to teach students the various techniques of swimming in a rather short time. At Dolphin Academy, our experts can perfectly take good care of the students’ health and provide them with the perfect lifestyle that they have always dreamt of.