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No of Products & Services : 50

Location : Abudhabi

Trusted Marketplace: Storat Is open only to verified individuals And businesses living in the country. There are three Level of verifications:

Mobile Number Verified: Seller local mobile number verified with an OTP authentication

ID Verified: The seller uploaded a copy Of his\her ID or passport and it was verified manually by Storat team.

Verified Business: The seller is an established business with legal trade license issued by the government. The seller uploaded a copy of the trade license and owner ID and it was verified manually by Storat team.

UAE Classifieds Post ads - Sell & Buy Anything

Sell Online through Post Ads and Sell Unwanted Products for Free

We cater to all! Storat UAE Classifieds is open to all the residents of UAE. Post a free ad and sell unwanted gifts, used furniture, mobile phones, electronics! Make money, earn cash! Did you know, you don’t have to pay for posting an ad on Storat? Yes, posting on is free!

It aids you with a free listing service, also bringing buyers for you through online platform. For quick selling and faster growth, Storat has introduced VIP features and featured advertisements. VIP and Featured Classifieds ads are published as sponsored ads on social media, mainly Facebook and Instagram. Promote and get business!

What makes Storat Classifieds UAE different from other Classifieds Websites in UAE?

Storat is a new UAE classifieds marketplace for buyers in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and rest of GCC. Launched 9 months ago and based in Abu Dhabi, Storat helps you monetize and grow through their services. A beginner with a kick start beginning in the industry, Storat UAE Classifieds Section is introducing new concepts and technology to help people sell faster and publish on the web:

Storat UAE Classifieds is deeply integrated with Social Media platform, mainly Facebook and Instagram. All Classified Ads published as featured or VIP ads will be published to Facebook and Instagram as paid sponsored ads to show your ad to the maximum number of potential buyers.

Storat UAE Classifieds featured and VIP ads views and analytics are integrated with Google and Facebook Ads Analytics through the API. This provides the seller with comprehensive view about who saw their ads across all platform.

Storat UAE Classifieds gives Sellers a customizable profile page at their own URL (ex: Individual Sellers and Companies on Storat UAE Classifieds can customize their classifieds profile page accordingly with their own logo, banners, pictures, and other information.

UAE Classifieds User Profile Page

Dubizzle and Souq are locked down Classifieds Marketplaces- not permitting the sellers to share their website links, social profiles, email address, etc. While, Storat UAE Classifieds is a truly open marketplace. Storat users in UAE can share their social media links, website links, and all the contact information they want. Storat aims to connect sellers and buyers for their benefit. We do not bound our customers!

Sellers on Storat UAE Classifieds can even upgrade their profile page (store) to a dedicated website at their own URL. People can literally upgrade to a website in 5 minutes, giving them the maximum exposure for their products and services.

UAE Classifieds - Example of Storat Websites Template

Storat UAE Classifieds is free across all sections including UAE properties, UAE jobs, UAE motors, cars for sale in UAE, and others. We promise to stay free for you!

Storat Sellers can upgrade to an E-Commerce website by completely integrating payment gateways, selling online, shipping, and getting paid. Unlike Souq, Storat charges no margin to e-Commerce sellers. Your Business, Your Money!

Storat UAE Classifieds Sellers can distinguish themselves further with the Verified Local Business Stamp. (soon to be released).

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