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Among the wide range of products that we should offer here at, one of the most important ones is certainly clothing items for babies and toddlers. UAE has got an extensive market for baby clothing items. Therefore, it is no surprise that most people love to look for baby clothing item in UAE in the various online sites. Buying baby clothes through online sites often makes it possible for customers to get excellent discounts and special offers. Therefore, any business owner choosing to post classified ads to sell clothes in UAE can expect a positive response from the target consumers.

Once you start posting your classified ads for selling baby clothes with us at, you can experience a marked increase in your overall number of customers. This is not only going to provide you with the financial success that you seek but also present you with the opportunity to expand your business to a great extent. Numerous business owners have already enhanced their business potential through by providing their customers with the opportunity to buy goods conveniently and you can do the same as well.

Apart from baby clothes, you can also put in classified ads for people who are looking to buy baby item in UAE. These may include baby toys and accessories. Since your customers can browse all kinds of baby products within a single platform, it naturally increases your chances of enjoying better financial success.

UAE Classifieds website to Post & Sell your products and unwanted items for Free

Storat UAE Classifieds section is open to all residents of UAE to post and sell products, unwanted gifts, used furniture, mobile phones, electronics or all items they want to sell for cash. Storat UAE classifieds is a free listing service. However, with VIP and featured advertisements, users can sell their unwanted items much faster. VIP and Featured Classifieds ads are published as sponsored ads on social media, mainly facebook and instagram.

What is the difference between Storat UAE Classifieds and Other Classifieds websites in UAE like Dubizzle & Souq?

Storat is a new UAE classifieds marketplace for UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and rest of GCC. It has been launched around 9 months ago and based out of Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates. While being new, Storat UAE Classifieds Section is introducing new concepts and technology to help people sell faster and publish on the web:

  • Storat UAE Classifieds is deeply integrated with Social Media platform, mainly Facebook and Instagram. All Classified Ads published as featured or VIP ads will be published to Facebook and Instagram as paid sponsored ads to show your ad to the maximum number of potential buyers.
  • Storat UAE Classifieds featured and VIP ads views and analytics are integrated with Google and Facebook Ads Analytics through the API. This provides the seller with comprehensive view about who saw their ads across all platform.
  • Storat UAE Classifieds gives Sellers a customizable profile page at their own URL (ex: Individual Sellers and Companies on Storat UAE Classifieds can customize their classifieds profile page to their liking with their own logo, banners, pictures, and other information.

UAE Classifieds User Profile Page

  • Dubizzle and Souq are locked down Classifieds Marketplaces, meaning sellers can NOT share their website links, social profiles, email address, etc. on the other hand, Storat UAE Classifieds is a truly open marketplace, users of Storat UAE Classifieds section in UAE can share their social media links, website links, and all the contact information they want. Storat vision is not to lockdown sellers, rather connect sellers and buyers and get out of their way as soon as possible.
  • Sellers on Storat UAE Classifieds can even Upgrade their profile page (store) to a dedicated website at their own URL. People can literally upgrade to a website in 5 minutes, giving them the maximum exposure for their products and services.

UAE Classifieds - Example of Storat Websites Template

  • - Storat UAE Classifieds is free across all sections including UAE properties, UAE jobs, UAE motors, cars for sale in UAE, and others. It is free and always will be, we guarantee it.
  • - Storat Sellers can upgrade to a full blown E-Commerce website with full integration with payment gateways, sell online, ship, and get paid. Unlike Souq, Storat charges no margin to e-Commerce sellers, its your store, your money.
  • - Storat UAE Classifieds Sellers can distinguish themselves further with the Verified Local Business Stamp. (soon to be released).

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