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Top Free Zones That Ensures Business Profitability in UAE

By بوابة ستورات , نشرة في 24-07-2017
Top Free Zones That Ensures Business Profitability in UAE

Setting up a business in UAE has been made simpler with a number of opportunities for entrepreneurs to take advantage of the existing regulations. It has made the possibility of reaching out to the markets spanning the continents of North Africa, remaining areas of the Middle East as well as the Indian subcontinent easy. With a huge number of free zones along with specific clusters of industries being created to give the business persons of UAE an upper hand as far as logistics and infrastructure is concerned, it has become immensely beneficial for them to attempt reaching the overseas market along with the upcoming regions that show promise of expanding into a huge market in time.

Sure, the entire UAE consists of 34 distinct free zones that host more than 25,000 companies at present. While the advantages may be somewhat similar there is a characteristic difference when it comes to the price as well as the future possibilities within a specific sector. The top three free zones liable to prove profitable for setting up your business at present happen to be:-

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  • DAFZA- The ‘Dubai Airport Free Zone’ provides a host of advantages to the business community willing to operate from UAE. Its lucrative location along with a number of excellent services and world class amenities encourage the companies within this particular zone to function at higher efficiency while meeting the operational needs by paying at cost effective rates. With state-of-the-art service centers and logistics infrastructure being dedicated as well as the availability of a ‘single window administration’ facility for various operational arenas, the business persons have absolutely no reason to move elsewhere. That is not all though, this free zones also offers huge incentive by providing 100% exemption from paying income, corporate, and export taxes. The number of foreign investments is going up by the day as the operators are eager to grab to set up their businesses here as there is no currency restriction with nonresident companies allowed claim total ownership of the business along with complete repatriation of capital as well as the profits made.
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  • JAFZA- An acronym for ‘Jebel Ali Free Zone,’ this area is considered to be one of the top zones for setting up business operations in UAE. Individuals as well as companies find it exceedingly easy to start their businesses here as the entire onus is handled effectively by the authorities in charge with 0 paperwork to attend to. The zone does not differentiate between the citizens of UAE and foreign nationals who are equally eligible to own their businesses here. With 100% repatriation facilities as well as exemption from all export and import duties plus corporate and income tax being exempt for 50 years with availability of further extensions and much more, there is absolutely no reason not to set shop in JAFZA as long as you are able to put up the required capital.
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  • Ajman Free Zone- Setting up a business in Ajman Free Zone is a brilliant idea as, this particular zone is dedicated to provide varied services pertaining to the law of the land in the best possible manner so as to ensure the business operators of profitable and continuous functioning of their interests. The zonal authorities remain 100% committed to the environment along with ensuring the quality via implementation of effective management systems along with providing safety and eliminating the occupational health hazard risks associated with certain industries.

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