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Top 10 Tips to Generate Leads & Get New Customers

By بوابة ستورات , نشرة في 20-09-2018
Top 10 Tips to Generate Leads & Get New Customers

Having an online store, profile, or website that generates no leads is similar to having a car with no engine or a store in the middle of the desert!!! 

Store in the middle of the desert

Optimizing your online presence to generate more leads is not easy. It's not just about adding a call to action button on your website and hoping for the leads to come in, you need to follow a more strategical approach from both marketing and designing point of view. 

In the article below, we will give the top 10 tips on how to use to generate more leads to your business. 

  1. Make sure the ad pages are SEO Friendly:
Get Better ranking in Google
Get Better ranking in Google

Organic rankings are by far the best method to generate high quality targeted leads. SEO is great if you are ranking in the top 3 positions of Google first page because:

  1. You'll get all the relevant traffic coming to your website.
  2. Converting SEO traffic is easy as compared to paid traffic.
  3. SEO is cost-effective, you need to put an effort to nurture your landing page for the first few months only. advertisement, news, and store pages are out of the box optimized for SEO. Just make sure to publish your ad with SEO friendly title and unique lengthy description, and marketing engine will do the rest! like creating SEO friendly URL, cash your page in hundreds of servers across the world and make sure it upload in supersonic speed. 

2. Enable Lead Capture Form on Traffic Generating Landing Pages:

This is called the "easy business strategy" where you should start capturing leads on your already traffic generating landing pages.

Lead Generation Form
Lead Generation / Lead Capture Form

Definition: Lead Capture Form

A form that can capture a visitor’s information such as

  1. Email address
  2. Phone number
  3. Name
  4. Any other field which is necessary for the products/ services you are selling.

Is considered as a lead capture form.

Your advertisement pages on will have 4 methods of capturing leads: Contact form, phone number, discount voucher, and chatting session. This will allow new customers to reach you in any form their preferences. All the leads will be captured in the lead management dashboard. 

3. Increase your Conversion Rate with a Call to Action Button (CTA):

What is a Call to Action Button?

Example: Call to Action Buttons
Example: Call to Action Buttons

Call to action button or CTA is a part of marketing strategy that encourages a user to take immediate action. For example:

  1. Discount vouchers: Get 30% Flat discount on submitting your phone number. Hurry up the offer is valid for today only.
  2. Download Button: Download the PDF about "30 Days Weight Loss Challenge"

Make sure that the content of your landing page is demanding so, that a user can take action. Here, is an example of a landing page which requires instant signup for people who are interested in generating more leads online.

When you are publishing an Ad on, you can specify an original price, promotion price, and promotion end date. That is it! Storat will do the rest of the magic by creating ad pages with timed promotions.  

4. Video Performs Better than Words:

Video Perform better than content
Video perform better than content

It's better to explain your service/product with a video instead of a long post content.

Did you know: The daily video watch time of an online user has been increased from 30 minutes to over 120 minutes a day?

Make sure that you follow these guidelines for creating your first video:

  1. Always write a short script.
  2. Audio is key to a story so, make sure the voice is clear.
  3. Don't add too much offers in it.
  4. It's better if you are using sub-titles

5. Make sure your Store and Website is Mobile Optimized:

Did you know that over 97% of the websites on the internet already have a mobile-friendly design?

Every brand or blog post talks about mobile-friendly design. But, none of them mention what the crucial things you must add to your mobile-optimized landing page.

Guidelines to optimize a landing page for a mobile:

  1. The load time of the website should not exceed 5 seconds on a cellular network.
  2. The Call to Action Button such as Buy Now, Claim Voucher, Contact us, Signup must be visible clearly and at-least repeated twice in the content.
  3. Make sure the content paragraphs are not bigger than 3 lines on a mobile page.
  4. It's highly recommended that you must add links to your previous content to support your landing page.
  5. Images should be optimized for the mobile version.

6. The Biggest Issue with Majority of the Landing Pages is “User Experience"

It takes a lot of effort to build quality & business generating landing page and one of the common mistakes that people do is that they focus more on what is inside the landing page instead of how a person is navigating on the landing page.

Here is an Example of a converting landing page:

Optimised Landing Page
Optimised Landing Page

Offer Title:
As you can see in the image the Title is structured in a way which reflects 

Type of Offer: Seasonal offer with discount

Name: Product Name/ Service Name

Location: Where you can get the service

Brand Name: Who is the service provider

Offer Price:
The price of the service must be clearly mentioned.

Timer: It is recommended to add a countdown timer in your landing which increases the possibility of converting a user.

Call to Action Button: Here we have used 3 versions of the call to action button:

  1. Get Discount Voucher Now: This button increases the possibility to convert a user fast as there is a discount involved.
  2. Show Number: With this call to action users can approach you for their queries and you can easily pitch them with your service in a better way.
  3. Contact Seller: For users who wish to contact the seller with live chatting system on the platform can simply approach them using this call to action. 
  4. Call Back Request: For users interested in the service/ product but unable to contact the seller or tried contacting the seller but couldn’t reach them can use this call to action. This helps you contact potential customers directly.

The Content of the Ad: Make sure, that the content of the ad is descriptive and to the point so, that it become very easy for a user to understand.

Bonus: It is a good practice that we must include a video in the content.

Reviews: To support the landing page we have added reviews section so, that it will help the users to trust the product/service.

7. Make sure that your Web Pages are Loading under less than 5 seconds:

Do you know you might lose every potential customer to convert into a lead with every additional second in your page load time? If your website or landing page doesn’t open quickly, the user tends to leave it even faster!

Note: Did you know that a website that loads in 6 seconds or more have a minimum churn rate of 30-50%.

Definition: Churn Rate due to webpage load time means that people who clicked on your URL but, left the page before seeing it.

  1. To avoid users to leave your website make sure you follow these simple rules:
  2. Make sure you must use a dedicated server instead of a shared hosting.
  3. The content vs. image ratio of a webpage must be optimized.
  4. Always avoid large images.
  5. Make sure you must use the minimal code on your landing page for fast rendering by traffic source.

8. Get Better Tracking with Call Tracking:

Not every landing page can capture a lead from a signup form so, an alternative is a phone number.

Did you know: The landing pages having a phone number have 30% high conversion rate as compared to signup forms.

The only challenge with a phone number is that it's hard to measure the leads generated through it like:

  1. How many calls you have received from that landing page?
  2. How many of them are relevant and can be converted into a potential customer?

You can resolve this by opting for call tracking or call center solution which provides features such as:

  1. Call Recording
  2. Lead Status Management
  3. Miss Call Alert & More

9. Understand your Traffic and Track your Website Activity:

All of your hard work will be a waste of time & money if you are not tracking down your website performance periodically. But, before jumping into connecting analytics tool, you must understand what you need to measure on your website:

  1. Source of traffic on your Website
  2. How many leads you have received
  3. Source of those Leads.
  4. Which landing page is performing well for you
  5. How many people contacted you via phone or chatting system.
  6. Identification of Leads as Won or Lost.

Google analytics is a great tool to measure website traffic. But, for the rest, you need to get some unique resource such as lead management system.

Lead management system works more effectively towards lead generation instead of traffic generation. With this, you can easily measure the landing page performance regarding:

  1. Lead generated
  2. How many leads are qualified
  3. Source of Leads
  4. Cost per Lead you are spending
  5. Phone call tracking

Here is a great resource you can use to learn more about how you can manage your leads effectively with a lead generation system.

10. Make sure that your website has Source Pixel Installed:

Let’s understand why we need a source pixel? It's better we must understand what a source pixel is first.

A source pixel is a javascript code that we need to install on our webpage to track the conversions from a paid traffic source. For example:

  1. Facebook Pixel
  2. Google Adwords code
  3. MGiD code & more

These codes help the sources to understand the content of the website to generate relevant traffic and also, helps in tracking leads effectively.

Conclusion: Build your website not just to attract viewers but to convert your viewers into customers efficiently. Promote business growth will simple changes to your landing page or website. Use the above-mentioned tips to convert any potential customer visiting you online!

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