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Tips to Maintain Your Oral Health with A Busy Schedule

By بوابة ستورات , نشرة في 27-06-2019
Tips to Maintain Your Oral Health with A Busy Schedule

Do you know 85% of the population in UAE are working professionals- both men and women! It is sure that they have a hectic and busy professional life because of which they find it difficult to take good care of their oral health.

Men and women who manage demanding jobs find little time to stick to positive healthy mouth habits. It is a well-known fact that prevention goes a long way when it comes to avoiding dental and oral health problems.

Oral Maintenance- Dentistry
Oral Maintenance- Dentistry

Visits to dental clinics in Abu Dhabi regularly can help you stay away from various oral health problems. Here are some of the things that you can do as a busy professional to maintain positive oral health.

Tip 01: Make an Oral Maintenance Kit

Oral Cleaning Dental Kit
Oral Cleaning Dental Kit

Do not forget to pack your toothbrush and toothpaste along with your travel kit. You can easily place your oral maintenance kit in your laptop bag. In order to protect your toothbrush and toothpaste from the harsh outer elements, you can keep them in a tight zip lock bag.

By having a custom dental care kit for yourself, you can easily take care of your dental health even when you need to go to off-site meetings for your job.

Tip 02: Brush and Floss at Regular Intervals

ToothBrushing- Oral Health
ToothBrushing- Oral Health

Make sure that you keep your toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss handy so that you can use them any time you want. You can put them in your drawer so that you can quickly brush your teeth whenever you feel like.

If you have coffee or any other type of sugary beverage, you should brush your teeth and floss them as soon as possible. You should also repeat the same exercise after your lunch. By brushing and flossing at regular intervals, you can not only maintain positive oral health, but it can also be a good way for you to take a break.

Tip 03: Clean Your Teeth When You Clean Your Body

Brush teeth- Oral Healthcare
Brush teeth- Oral Healthcare

Another good way to ensure clean teeth for yourself is to brush while you are in the shower. By brushing when you are in the shower, you can come out of your bathroom all cleaned up.

Brush your teeth as frequently as you can. Keep your brush and toothpaste close at hand and brush your teeth whenever you find some time. Stick to a soft bristle brush so that you do not hurt your gums and teeth while brushing. Using soft bristles also means that you can brush multiple times in a day.

Make sure that you drink plenty of water all throughout the day. Drinking water helps to rinse your teeth efficiently and ensures positive oral health.

Tip 04: Visit to Dentists are Important

Dentistry in Abu Dhabi- ILMC

Visit your dentist for regular dental routine appointments. By getting your teeth cleaned regularly by a professional, you can greatly minimize the chances of being affected by oral infections or problems.

Leading dental clinic in Abu Dhabi such as Intralaser Medical Center can not only clean your teeth from time to time but also detect any kind of dental health problems that are still at their nascent stages and get them repaired.

Tip 05: Place Your Necessities Correctly

Oral Care Kit- ILMC, Abu Dhabi

Another good way to take good care of your dental health would be to keep a toothbrush, dental floss, toothpaste and mouthwash in each and every bathroom in your home. Such a practice can provide you with the flexibility you need when you are looking to brush, clean, floss and rinse your teeth while you are at home.

Tip 06: Your Travel Kit Must Include Floss Picks

Flossing- Dental Care- ILMC, Abu Dhabi

Floss your teeth frequently to ensure complete cleaning. Dental floss or floss picks can offer inexpensive and smart ways to clean your teeth even in your busy schedule. A good way to go would be to keep floss picks in your car and purse that you can use while you are traveling in your car or anytime when you feel you have some spare time in your hand.

Use mouth strips for keeping your breath fresh always. One of the best reasons for using mouth strips is that they are quite easy to carry and use and can be packed conveniently in a small container. To have easy access, you can keep the mouth strips packed in your purse or car, pocket, desk drawer or computer bag.

Tip 07: Stick to Xylitol

Chewing Gums for Oral Health- ILMC, Abu Dhabi

If you are someone who loves to chew gums and enjoy those occasional mints, then stick to products that contain Xylitol. Candies and gums that consist of Xylitol can help in killing bacteria present in the mouth after taking meals and beverages.

They also help to remove food particles stuck in teeth and effectively promote the flow of saliva to help neutralize the food acids.

Do not forget to use some kind of fluoride rinse just prior to going to sleep. By adding fluoride rinse routine to your regular dental healthcare regimen, you can reduce the chances of getting affected by cavities while at the same time enhance the strength of your teeth.

Always be careful regarding what you eat. Make sure that you stick to healthy snack choices so that you maintain proper dental health. Some of the types of food that you can use as snacks include fruits, nuts and vegetables. Stay away from sugary substances.  

Maintaining positive dental health can be rather difficult if you do not know how. Such problems can be further aggravated when you feel that you are pressed for time and you hardly find the opportunity to brush your teeth.

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