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Tips and Tricks to Sell your Products Quickly on

By بوابة ستورات , نشرة في 25-12-2016
Tips and Tricks to Sell your Products Quickly on

Can't seem to sell your products or services quickly on Here are some tips and tricks you can use to sell your items:

1. Write a good and relevant title

Think marketing, your job is to be able to catch the buyers attention. Write a full yet meaningful title of your product or service that you are trying to sell.

e.g. If you were to sell your used car, your title should be something like this:

"Used Toyota Camry 2014 available for sale in Abu Dhabi "

Notice the keywords ( used, Camry, sale, Abu Dhabi), so when people search for these keywords on Storat or Google, your ad will show up!

2. Choose the correct category

Be careful when you choose the category of your product, it needs to be in the correct category, because when a customer is trying to find a car to rent, they wouldn't click on Motors, rather they will click on Car Rental Services.

3. Configure your Store

We almost always advise store owners to configure their store, because this reflects who you really are. If a person wants to rent a 2 bedroom apartment they would choose a real estate store that reflects trustworthiness.

How do you do that? Simply complete the four steps of your store configuration from your private dashboard.

4. Upload ad photos

As mentioned in the previous steps, reflecting relevance and trustworthiness are key. You need to sum them up by uploading an ad photo. Buyers are visual, they are attracted to ads with pictures and wants to see the actual product you're selling, so upload photos with the product in details.

5. Use the Refresh button

One of the things that makes different from other marketplaces is the "Refresh" button. understands that with time your ad gets pushed down the list by new ads/news . So, instead of posting an ad more than one time, you can simply click on the “Refresh” button and your ad will be posted on top of the category page as if it was newly published. The refresh button will then show up every 24 hours.

Here's a heads up. Do not post the same ad more than one time.

There is no limit to the number of ads or news that you can post on Storat. However, if you are spamming the site with same advertisement multiple times, your ads will be deleted and repeated spamming accounts will be blocked and suspended (Yikes!)

Please feel free to contact Storat Support Team for more inquiries, information or Support in General at

Also! Check out our new Help and Support Store for more information about how to use

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