Storat svg Logo white enters into Strategic Partnership with Microsoft Corporation to host Storat Business Users Emails on Office 365

By بوابة ستورات , نشرة في 01-02-2018 enters into Strategic Partnership with Microsoft Corporation to host Storat Business Users Emails on Office 365

We are excited to announce that Online marketplace entered into a strategic partnership with Microsoft Corporation to host business emails for Storat business users. Microsoft Office 365 will be the primary solution for hosting small businesses email and collaboration tools.

Previously used an open source solution based on Zimbra to host business email. As our user base grew, we wanted to provide a robust and secure email platform to host business emails. We evaluated number of solutions over the last few months and we selected Microsoft Office 365 as the most flexible, yet comprehensive solution that fit a wide range of business requirements. Small businesses can start on Office 365 by hosting their business email on Exchange Online. They can later scale it up as their requirements grow to get advance collaboration tool like Microsoft office, skype for business, onedrive, and many of the other solutions available through Office 365 offerings.

Microsoft Office 365 offers a simple and competitive pricing structure that ranges from $2 per month per user for Exchange online with 2GB storage and $15 for Office 365 Premium that includes Microsoft Office, Onedrive, Skype for business, exchange, sharepoint, and many other features.

If your email is hosted on, you will receive a notification about migrating your mailbox to Office 365 in the next 60 days. We have started migrating a select number of businesses over the last two months. We received great feedback from users about Office 365 reliability, ease of use, and functionality. Please check the frequently asked questions below for more information:

  • Who will be impacted by the migration?

Only users hosting their email on will be impacted. Users using the platform for advertisement or running a website will not be affected.

  • What will happen to my old email?

All your email will be migrated safely and securely to Microsoft office 365 by Storat support team.

  • Is there any charges I have to pay for the Office 365 subscription license or migration services?

Migration services will be done for free by Storat support team. If you have an existing subscription for any of Storat plans, will cover the cost of office 365 license until the end of your subscription license with us. After that, the cost per user per mailbox will be $2 per mailbox for Exchange Online with 2GB storage paid annually. For users on any of Storat lead generation or digital marketing plans, Office 365 subscription will continue to be free.

  • Why are you doing this change, I was happy with the old email?

Business Email is one of the most critical tools for small and medium business to conduct commerce online and offline and communicate internally and externally. Email hosts critical data like your customers information and confidential financial information about your organization. As evolve its focus into lead generation, advertisement, and driving business online to small businesses, we have decided to discontinue the investment in an email hosting infrastructure. Yet, users told us that they love the one stop shop where they can get a domain, a website, a business email, and online marketing services as a packaged service. So we have decided to continue offering business email as part of our service but migrate the infrastructure to Microsoft Office 365 platform.

  • I don't have a business email, I want to sign-up for Office 365?

Send an email to or call us at

Dubai Tel: +971600532272

Abu Dhabi Tel: +971600532272

for a quotation to one of subscription plans that include Microsoft office 365.

  • How can I access my email after the migration?

You will be able to access your email using,, Microsoft Outlook on desktop, or Outlook for android or iOS. For instructions on how to set up your email clients, please check one of those videos:

Setup Outlook with Microsoft Office 365

Setup Mobile Email with Microsoft Office 365

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