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Announcing the release of Storat E-Commerce Solution

By بوابة ستورات , نشرة في 19-12-2018
Announcing the release of Storat E-Commerce Solution

Run your OWN promotions at your OWN terms with Storat E-Commerce Solution

Today, we are announcing the release of Storat Vouchers E-Commerce Solution that will help local merchants and service providers sell and get paid online. 

It is challenging for small businesses to set up an online e-commerce platform. It takes months to build with substantial costs and many layers of approvals from payment gateways, underwriting banks, and the list continues.

With Storat Vouchers E-Commerce Solution, A local Merchant can set up a website and start selling online within a few hours! This solution will help merchants connect to Marketplace and Marketing Engine which in turn will help them receive online orders without substantial marketing spend.

Run your own Groupon without the crazy margin!

How does Storat E-Commerce Solution Work?

  1. When you complete the setup on, you can publish your vouchers and offers on your website, social media accounts, and Storat Market. 
  2. Customers then can buy those vouchers using Storat Payment System. 
  3. Once the service is delivered, the proceeds for the offering will be paid to you based on a monthly basis (for Merchants under the enterprise plan, the proceeds will be paid to the Merchant regardless of successful delivery of service or not after the grace period). 
  4. We are also introducing new subscription plans to accommodate the requirement of the local market where you can sign up with Storat using three different subscription plans:

- Lead Generation Plan

No Upfront payment. Free advertisement and promotions. Pay only when you receive genuine leads. E-Commerce is not available under this plan. 

- E-Commerce Plan

No Upfront payment. Free advertisement and promotions. Receive only confirmed orders and booking. Pay a Margin from the business you receive from Storat.

- Enterprise Plan

Monthly subscription fee. This plan includes a free website, free unlimited leads, e-commerce enabled to sell online, payment guaranteed for services regardless of delivery. 

We are running an amazing promotion in between Jan and March 2018 for the first 100 Merchants that sign up on E-Commerce or Enterprise plans. please feel free to call us or send an email to to schedule a free workshop. 

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