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Part time cleaners in Dubai

By بوابة ستورات , نشرة في 17-04-2017
Part time cleaners in Dubai

Part time cleaners in Dubai

Need to hire a maid or cleaner in Dubai? AKT Maids has over 50 Filipino Maids, all of whom go through a strict interview process. We also only hire maids that have prior experience and speak English, so you can be assured that communication will not be an issue.

AKT Maids has been in business since 2009, and we are proud to still have some of our very first customers. There are many maid agencies in Dubai, so we constantly look to differentiate ourselves. We do this in 3 key ways:

Flexibility and Consistency of Scheduling – we make sure that your maid arrives when we say she will and if you book a regular appointment, we will assign the same maid to you every week. We also have part time cleaners available on Fridays and evening maid service up until 8pm. Making sure that we deliver what we say we will ties in with our second point of difference, Customer Service.

Customer Service – Our booking coordinators undergo extensive training before they start taking calls and scheduling appointments for clients. They learn the different areas that we cover and the nuances of housekeeping in Dubai. They can take notes on any specific requirements and then pass these on to your maid, making sure that you receive a seamless experience.

Training and Supervision – In order to provide you with the best maids, we put a lot of emphasis on making sure that our maids follow best practice when cleaning. We are one of the only cleaning services in Dubai to provide a full time cleaning supervisor and trainer. This assures you a consistency of service, whether you need us for apartment cleaning, office cleaning or even just to use us as an ironing service.

Our people make us the best cleaning agency in Dubai. We feel that this is shown by the testimonials and longevity of our customer relationships. Give us a call and try for yourself!



Dust & wipe every accessible surfaces

Clean the sinks & wash the dishes

Clean the microwave & all appliances

Vacuum and Mop floor

Take out your trash & replace bag

Wipe down oven top & knobs

Clean the outside of your fridge & oven


Dust & wipe every accessible surfaces

Clean the toilets

Clean your showers & tubs inside and out

Clean all mirrors & fixtures

Leave your sinks super clean and sparkling

Vacuum or mop floors

Remove your trash & replace bag

Neatly hang your towels

Bedrooms & Living Areas

Dust & wipe every accessible surfaces

Clean your mirrors & fixtures

Vacuum or mop floors

Remove your trash & replace bag

Make the bed and replace linens (if new are left out)

Fold any loose clothes

Wipe down any chairs or tables

What is not included for maid Service?

Exterior window cleaning

Deep stain removal

Mold removal

Insect removal

Lifting of heavy furniture/objects


Tell us about your home!

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