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Microsoft & Join Forces to Help Medical Centers in UAE with Digital Transformation

By بوابة ستورات , نشرة في 03-12-2017
Microsoft & Join Forces to Help Medical Centers in UAE with Digital Transformation

More than 100 marketing professionals & business decision makers from cosmetic clinics and medical centers across Dubai & UAE joined a full day digital marketing workshop at Sheraton Grand Hotel in Dubai & UAE.

The event focused on transforming businesses in the UAE to digital marketing and how to use the power of Microsoft cloud to web-enable their business and aid their transformation journey.

Digital Marketing Workshop for Medical Centers and SME's in Dubai

Mustapha Ramadan, CEO & Founder of, presented a case study on how, a startup based out of Abu Dhabi, is using Microsoft Cloud and Office365 tools to scale a multinational operation across three countries.

This venture was not possible a few years back without the power of the cloud…” Mustapha said. “As a small startup, we were able to scale the platform to serve more than 35,000 businesses & individuals in UAE in less than a year. It is now generating more than 15,000 leads per month for our top sellers and businesses.” He added.

The power of the cloud to web-enable-businesses

To the surprise of the attendees, has zero physical servers and no IT Infrastructure personnel at all. “As our infrastructure is currently using more than 400 virtual servers across the globe, the infrastructure cost would have been in millions of dollars to setup. We are running our operations at less than 1% of traditional IT cost”.

Ahmed Youssef, Digital Marketing Manager at Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centers, presented the Medcare’s journey with digital transformation. He covered the infrastructure aspect, where Medcare migrated more than 15,000 users to Microsoft Office 365 to improve the hospital collaboration capability while reducing operational costs.

Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centers Digital Marketing Manager

He also presented the strategic aspect of transformation to digital marketing. Being one of the largest and most modern medical centers in Dubai, Medcare recently launched the state of art Medcare Hospital in Sharjah to expand its services reach to Sharjah and Eastern Emirates.

Mustapha & Ahmed also ran interactive sessions on the important tools and concepts that should be adopted by medical centers to succeed in their digital transformation, in a Digital Marketing workshop. Concepts such as building a Digital Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, the best practices of Search Engine Marketing & measurement and tracking.

Microsoft Gulf Healthcare Channel Development Manager, Michael Kandalaft, then stressed the importance of going online and how Office 365 can ease the journey of a medical center’s digital transformation within a cost-effective structure.

Microsoft Office 365 for Digital Transformation

He also presented the tools that could be adopted to help in “empowering every person & every organization to achieve more” using cloud-based Microsoft Business Intelligence, CRM, Customer Life-Time Value and social engagement tools.

The vision of the event was achieved successfully, as one of the attendees mentioned, "I never knew that digital marketing is more than just advertising on Facebook... this workshop truly opened wide doors of ideas for me to implement in my Medical Center's brand awareness and advertisement".

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