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Microsoft and Storat Lunch & Learn Digital Marketing Event

By بوابة ستورات , نشرة في 12-03-2017
Microsoft and Storat Lunch & Learn Digital Marketing Event

On the 9th of March, Microsoft and Storat hosted a "Lunch & Learn" Digital Marketing event for startups and small businesses in the UAE at Microsoft Gulf Regional Office at Dubai Internet City.

The purpose of the event was to share the knowledge on how to transform and tackle the digital world though web-enabling businesses using cost-effective methods through Storat Website Solutions and Microsoft Office 365, along with a short SEO training and demoing Storat Digital Marketing systems. HQ Team

The event was opened by Microsoft's Regional Director, Tariq Hijazi talking about the importance of going online and insisting that SMEs and Startups need to exploit the cloud and the available digital tools. The session was then initiated by Storat CEO Mustapha Ramadan discussing the seven essential channels that a business should not forget and miss while building their online presence.

Mustapha then gave the stage Khadija Shabir, Storat's SEO & Digital Marketing director, from Storat's Research and Development office out of India via Skype to explain the viral importance of SEO along with a very interactive Q&A session.

The second session started with Microsoft's Product Manager of Office, Ghada Alawami, who briefed the audience about Office 365 incentives and features to help SMEs and Startups with a high level of productivity.

Storat's Business Development and Marketing & User Acquisition Managers, Maria Navarro and Rola Aziz then took the stage demoing Storat's Website Solutions, Email and SMS Digital Marketing tools. Draw Winner

The event ended with a Lenovo IdeaPad 110 Laptop draw that was won by Hikmat Abdel Baki from Mediamak.

Thank you for all small businesses that showed up to the event, stay tuned, we will be hosting more Digital Marketing workshops in the upcoming months.

You can view the images of the event here:

Thank You,

Storat Team

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