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How to Maximize your Property Sale Value Before Selling?

By بوابة ستورات , نشرة في 05-04-2018
How to Maximize your Property Sale Value Before Selling?

When it comes to selling properties, everybody wants to maximize the returns as much as possible. After all, that is the main reason behind any property investment, whether it is a residential or commercial space. But the most common question here remains that how you can gain more value out of your properties in Abu Dhabi. There are certain expensive as well as non-expensive things you can do which can make your property stand out and greatly improve its sale value. We have listed some of these tips below for your convenience.

Declutter your space

Buyers don’t like those properties in UAE which are too cluttered with unnecessary things. That is why one of the first things you need to do before start advertising about the sale is to declutter the property. You can achieve this by strategically placing your furniture and other everyday things that can successfully create a spacious-looking place. Getting rid of unessential stuff, like heavy and space-consuming furniture also helps a lot. If you feel stuck while doing it yourself, you can take help from the professional agents who can stage your property for you or you can hire a part-time maid in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Clean the property

There would hardly be anyone who is interested in buying an uncleaned and messed up property even if that property is located at a prime location. Hence, you must spend enough time on cleaning your apartment or villa , internally as well as externally. Hiring deep cleaning services in Abu Dhabi could be of help. You should clear up the garbage, get rid of the bad odour, clean up the showpieces, garden, shelves, glass tables and windows thoroughly. Other than such easy-to-spot spaces, indulge in cleaning the hidden spaces as well such as corners, toilets, and space underneath your furniture. Doing so will create a feel-good factor about your property while significantly improving its value.

Paint the walls

As properties tend to wear out with time, it’s necessary to add back the spice to it in order to capitalize on its value. For that, you can give your property a fresh paint, both internally and externally, if the property demands it.

One of the most important things to be kept in mind while giving your property a fresh paint job in Abu Dhabi is the careful choice of colours. While the right pick of colours can beautify your property, a wrong colour palette can totally ruin the impression. Hence, choose the colours wisely so that they complement each other and the overall design of your property.

Upgrade the windows and doors

As with other furniture items, the doors and windows of any property also require a regular upgrade. You can either fix up the worn out windows and doors or spend on it for a complete replacement. It can not only enhance the look of your property but can also let more natural light come in. Moreover, a well-chosen window-frame like french windows can make your property more appealing. If there is no need for new windows or doors, you can simply upgrade the doorknobs, and window locks as that will also add to the value. You can always hire special maintenance companies in Abu Dhabi to help you with the designs & installations

Redo the kitchen and bath

Kitchen and bathrooms are probably the essential components for buying properties, therefore, redoing them make sense. However, that doesn’t mean you should extensively spend on them for a complete overhaul as minor fixtures can also make the desired impact on buyers. You can simply clean the exhaust system, upgrade the sinks, kitchen cabinet handles, taps and faucets.  If required, you can go for major renovations such as changing the kitchen flooring & tiles in Abu Dhabi or getting a new bathtub.

Apart from these tips, you can also redesign the lightings, place plants and change your mailbox to make a universal appeal.

But if in case you decide against selling your property altogether, you can gain consistent value from it by listing it at various properties in UAE online.

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