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Microsoft & Storat Teamed Up To Help Businesses in UAE With Digital Tansformation

By بوابة ستورات , نشرة في 18-03-2018
Microsoft & Storat Teamed Up To Help Businesses in UAE With Digital Tansformation and Microsoft hosted a Digital Marketing Workshop in Dubai at Dusit Thani Hotel for Businesses in UAE. Over 100 marketing specialists and business decision makers from Medical Centers, Banks, Finance, and Insurance companies stepped away from their projects last Tuesday, March 13th to join the half day Digital Marketing Workshop.

The workshop exposed the important areas on how to create a strong online presence with the latest trends in Digital Marketing and how to attract more customers online for Businesses in UAE.

Digital Marketing Event In Dubai

The event emphasized on the important areas for creating a strong online presence using the latest online tools and strategy concepts including, search engine optimization, social media advertising, measurement tools, and building an effective digital marketing strategy.

Ahmed Labib, Partner Development Manager from Microsoft, took over the stage to present the first session in which he discussed about the digital transformation of industries over time and also highlighted the importance of online presence for businesses in UAE.

Digital Marketing Workshop In Dubai - Dusit Thani Hotel

The second session was presented by Mozammil Khobacchas, VP of Research and Development and Co-Founder of and Mustapha Ramadan, CEO and Founder of, uncovered the secrets of search engine optimization (SEO) and factors that play important role in online ranking.

The interactive session attracted lots of attention and engaged an intuitive Q&A session between attendees and presenters.

Digital Marketing Workshop In Dubai - Dusit Thani Hotel

Afterward, the third session was presented by Rola A. Aziz, VP of Marketing at who explained the importance of tracking, measuring, and optimizing online campaigns through different KPI’s while some online analytical tools.

“People are going digital and digital channels are becoming the new place to reach customers and drive brand awareness,” she said.

The main focus of her presentation was on how to manage online campaigns efficiently and to build strong brand awareness through digital marketing.

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A special speaker from Microsoft Jean Magdy, Device Master Trainer, briefed about the new Windows devices including Windows 10 pro its features that can help in the secure digital transformation of businesses in UAE. Event

Lastly, Maria Del Mar Navarro, VP of Sales at, took over the stage for the fifth session in which she discussed in depth about attracting customers online using Storat platform.

She explained in depth the features and the process of generating and optimizing traffic including lead generation, CRM system to manage leads, creative marketing, and much more.

As the workshop arrives to the end, members of different organizations started participating in the healthy debate that uncovered challenges in endorsing new concepts and tools of digital marketing.

The debate ended with all the members agreeing on that the digital transformation is the next big thing and it is necessary for the survival of businesses in UAE.

Dubai Digital Marketing Event

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