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شقق و فلل للأيجار في الريف أبوظبي

By بوابة ستورات , نشرة في 22-04-2017
شقق و فلل للأيجار في الريف أبوظبي

Al Reef Community in Abu Dhabi

Al reef community is one of the most successful projects done by Manazel Real Estate. The community is made up of 2500 villas and 2000 apartments with various sizes. The Villas available are 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedroom townhouses. Yes, the villas are not really independent villas, they are connected townhouses. However, the price point, the space provided, and strategic location made a Al Reef a popular destination for a lot of expatriates.

Al Reef Villa Community Location advantage

The community is located 5 minutes away from Abu Dhabi Airport, making it popular among Etihad Airways crews and Airport employees. It is in a middle location between dubai and Abu Dhabi (40 KM from Abu Dhabi, and 80 KM from Dubai) making an attractive option for people who are looking to go often to Dubai, but they work in Abu Dhabi. Other attractive that is close to the community now is Yas Mall, and Yas Marina Circuits. The new Airport extension will make Al Reef a hotter destination where prices for for renting or buying apartments and villas in Al Reef is expected to rise.

Self Contained Community

A lot of Al reef Villa residents like the fact that it is a self contained community. Al Reef downtown area offers now a small shopping strips with restaurant, supermarket, coffee shops, and laundry.

Al Reef Villas have four sections: Arabian, Desert, Mediterranean, and Contemporary.

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