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A major breakthrough in building Arabic\English Websites: New Storat Websites Template is released in Beta

By مدونة مصطفى , نشرة في 21-07-2017
A major breakthrough in building Arabic\English Websites: New Storat Websites Template is released in Beta

We did a major deployment 5 minutes ago releasing number of new features including Verified Local Business Stamp, a Wizard to build a website and online store in easy steps, and Search on News. But the most important feature is a New Storat Website Theme that allow adding custom menus, nested menus, and adding unlimited number of custom pages, while supporting Arabic & English out of box.

Build Website UAE to Sell Products & Services

Storat Website Upcoming Theme

This is a major milestone in helping businesses in the middle east build websites without the need for developers, hosting services, or the other complexities that come with building and running a website. With the integration with Storat Market and Social Media accounts, and out of the box SEO optimization, Storat Websites becomes a critical business driver and lead generator for small businesses in the Middle East.

Build Arabic\English Website to Sell Products & Services

Menu Customizer in Storat Website in the Private Dashboard

The theme will serve a wide variety of businesses including service providers, real estate, car dealerships, restaurants, medical centers, retail stores, and many others. A user can build a website in literally 5 minutes without a need for any custom development or support.

List of Features in the New Theme:

  1. Configure a Storat Store and a Website at your own Domain using a Wizard
  2. Add Custom Pages with custom content
  3. Add Banners
  4. Add Custom Menus
  5. Add Nested Menus

We look forward to storat users community feedback.

About Storat: a is an emerging e-commerce platform in UAE with a revolutionary concept of Storat Websites Solution. A User can build a store on Storat marketplace and post products, services, and news. This store can be upgraded to a website at a custom domain in literally less than 60 seconds with no development or hosting.

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