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5 Reasons to have Ultra LASIK Treatment in Dubai

By بوابة ستورات , نشرة في 27-06-2019
5 Reasons to have Ultra LASIK Treatment in Dubai

If you are tired of using eyeglasses or contact lenses every time, why not consider getting an Ultra LASIK surgery in Dubai?

Using highly specific lasers, the Ultra LASIK surgery makes it possible for you to get rid of your eye power and you can see clearly without the need of any spectacles or contact lenses. Contrary to the myth, these laser surgeries are incredibly safe with a small recovery time, making it possible for you to easily get one in your down time.

In this article, we will be discussing what is LASIK eye surgery and its several benefits.

What is Ultra LASIK eye surgery

Ultra LASIK eye surgery or refractive eye surgery is a surgical corrective procedure which is carried out in ophthalmology office or a clinic. The surgery uses a laser for the process and provides a lifelong alternative to eyeglasses or contact lenses. For this procedure, eye drops are used to numb the eyes and later the eyelids are held open so that there is no interference with the laser. By using a blade called microkeratome, a corneal flap is created and a thin layer of corneal tissues is vaporized according to your eye prescription. As the flap is folded back into its place, the eye begins to heal on its own and you are able to see clearly

Difference between Ultra LASIK and Femto LASIK surgery

Ultra LASIK Vs. Femto LASIK is not a very debatable topic since ultra LASIK surgery is considered to be the traditional eye surgery performed by mechanical blades. On the other hand, femto LASIK surgery is a revolutionary new procedure that is completely bladeless.

Now, while considering any type of such surgeries, costs are of great importance. Refractive surgery cost depends on the laser that is chosen and it includes the pre and post-operative care as well.

LASIK surgeries are performed by experts across the UAE. However, one must consider of having LASIK eye surgery in Abu Dhabi at Healthcare city, because it has many eye care centers and institutes.

Reasons to have Ultra LASIK surgery in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most leading eye centre and undoubtedly aims to achieve the best results in every field. Ultra LASIK surgery in Dubai involves highly qualified surgeons in the field of laser surgery. There are various reasons why you must have ultra LASIK surgery in Dubai, including:

1. Usage of modern equipments

Dubai has a wide range of ultra sophisticated diagnostic equipments which are essential for LASIK surgeries.

2. Research and eye care institutes

With the latest technology in place, Dubai also offers some of the most advanced research and eye care institutes in the Emirates.

3. Highly qualified surgeons

The first and foremost while undergoing any surgery, you must be aware of the surgeons who will be performing the surgeries. With Ultra LASIK Surgery in Dubai, you get access to the best and most qualified eye surgeons.

4. Pre and post surgery care

You are guaranteed to get the best medical care under the superbly qualified surgeons and the staff in Dubai who cater to each patient’s specific requests individually.

5. Free consultation and budget friendly treatment

Most of the lasik medical centers in UAE provide free consultation services. 

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